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This Meetup is for you if you want to learn about and experience powerful plant based medicine for you and your family. We explore different topics at each Meetup:

Pain Relief

Taming Inflammation

Uplifting Moods

Green Cleaning

Healthy Skin Care

Slim and Sassy

Healthy Hormones

Detox Your Life

Boost Your Immune System

Learn how you can become the CEO of your own health through Natural Solutions!

Lean how to get essential oils at wholesale prices and the best and safest ways to use them.

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Chakras & Oils: Essential Oils from the Scriptures for Enhancing Your Chakras

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✨Chakras & Oils: How to Use Essential Oils from the Scriptures for Enhancing Your Chakras✨

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Essential Oils have been used since ancient times for healing, flavoring food, pleasure and for spiritual endeavors.

We will be highlighting essential oils mentioned in the Bible and/or the Vedas and exploring their connections to our chakras.

How to Use Essential Oils from the Scriptures to:

  • Balance your Chakras
  • Deepen your experiences this holiday season

Have handy your own essential oil favorites for the holidays. No worries if you don't have any - after this workshop you will have an excellent understanding of what you need to move through the holiday season with more grace and ease.

In this Chakras and Oils Workshop we'll look at how these essential oils help us tune-out the outward chaos and tune-in to inward calm and knowing. Learn how you can use these oils to create deeper spiritual connections and tune into the mystical energy of the holiday season.

Experience a short guided meditation to help you dive into the divine blessings of the season.

This webinar will be on DECEMBER 8th at 4:30pm PT | 5:30pm MT via ZOOM.

Mark this event in your calendar, as a time to unwind, get comfy, and be ready to take it all in for an educational and transformational event.

*Be sure to register to get your Zoom link and the replay in case there is something you will want to review (or you can't make it live)!

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OIL Talk: How to Have Your BEST Holidays Ever!

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OIL Talk: Friday, DECEMBER 9th @ 1:00pm PT

This year is different for me. Instead of getting less sleep, I am getting more sleep. Instead of being more stressed out, I am feeling calm. Instead of neglecting self-care, I am getting more.

I really feel that I can tune in more deeply to the spiritual side of the holidays too.

The results? I am glowing!

And yes, I am getting things done. I am feeling accomplished. My business is humming.

How about you? I want to hear your stories of how you get your glow on!

The more we share what works and what doesn't work, we can all glow!

I will be sharing my testimonials and what I did and what I use.

### Let's connect this Friday for All Things Holiday, OIL Talk. Details below.

Wear your fav holiday sweater, have a holiday drink or snack with you - come in the holiday mood or be ready to receive some holiday cheer!

This Livestream will be DECEMBER 9th @ 1pm PT in our FB Group.

Please join the group with this link: Essential Oils for Your Healthy Lifestyle FB Group You’ll also be able to watch the replay in the group as well!


You can join us via Zoom! Link provided when you RSVP on this Meetup Event!

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OIL Talk: How to Have Your BEST Holidays Ever!

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