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This is a group for like-minded individuals, who are wanting to empower themselves and help others to take control of their physical and emotional health naturally. This includes healthy foods, supplementing our food with natural supplements, and using essential oils and other natural remedies for healthcare in our homes.

Have you been wondering about essential oils? Have you wondered about the difference with so many companies out there? Would you like to have a refresher for the oils you already have? This group, will meet both online and in person. There will classes on the basics about the using essential oils and natural health, natural medicine cabinet and natural green cleaning. By learning and trying some of these things you can provide healthy alternatives for yourselves and your families. Our body was designed to react to natural health options so our bodies can do what they are supposed to..... That is to heal, be strong, and be healthy.

Here are some reasons some people look towards natural solutions:
1. What they are currently doing to support their health isn’t working.
2. They are tired of using chemical RX for basically everything in their life.
3. They are wanting to get rid of side effects of other solutions.
4. They want more ability and energy to live life without the side effects of stimulants.
5. They want to increase the overall quality of life for their family.
6. They want to get rid of addictive types of treatments.

We would love to have you join us and find out how empowering taking care of your health and that of your family can be by using natural solutions. Our desire is to change lives "one drop at a time" so, invite your friends and family to join us. We offer monthly classes and are willing to add more if desired.

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Essential oil bingo

Coventry Mall

Free Essential Oil Bingo!

Coventry Mall

Don't Worry....Be Happy with Essential Oils

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