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ONLINE Wellness Coaching, Workshops & Retreats refresh body, mind, heart & soul.

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Holistic programs are available for individuals, couples, or groups. Wellness education is the soulution if you are exhausted & need to enjoy some elegant, restorative & rejuvenating activities.

These WELLNESS WEEKENDS are retreats with Holistic Wellness Coach, Teresa, from San Francisco.

She began leading yoga & meditation retreats by the time she was 18, teaching in Maryland, where she grew up, as well as the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California.

Now she has a beautiful location, a couple miles from the clear & clean beaches of San Diego's famous,

"North County Coastal".

Stay at the local 4-Star Hotel, while you spend your days learning holistic solutions to your wellness goals.

Catch up on your sleep, eat salads, walk on the beach, do some stretching & breathing...relax,

get some Reiki Spa Treatments, enjoy the heated pool & jacuzzi, gym, tennis, basketball courts, kayaks.

There are so many possibilities. Fill out one of these forms to learn more ~

AROMATHERAPY WEEKEND ~ CLICK HERE! (https://axismagnagroup.typeform.com/to/TBPEWu)

AQUA YOGA ~ CLICK HERE! (https://axismagnagroup.typeform.com/to/LFRiLF)

COUPLES WELLNESS WEEKEND ~ CLICK HERE! (https://axismagnagroup.typeform.com/to/TBPEWu)

ESSENTIAL WELL-BEING WEEKEND - CLICK HERE! (https://axismagnagroup.typeform.com/to/TBPEWu)

HOPE & HAPPINESS ~ CLICK HERE! (https://axismagnagroup.typeform.com/to/wxKK5J)

HYPNOTHERAPY INTENSIVE ~ CLICK HERE! (https://axismagnagroup.typeform.com/to/XWaM2O)

MEDITATION WEEKEND ~ CLICK HERE! (https://axismagnagroup.typeform.com/to/gzjceg)

SPIRITUAL RENEWAL ~ CLICK HERE! (https://axismagnagroup.typeform.com/to/qzGaBo)

WOMEN'S WELLNESS WEEKEND - CLICK HERE! (https://axismagnagroup.typeform.com/to/ESJwNx)

WORK-LIFE BALANCE ~ CLICK HERE! (https://axismagnagroup.typeform.com/to/q2PTI0)

YOGA THERAPY ~ CLICK HERE! (https://axismagnagroup.typeform.com/to/LFKXAB)

Now she offers over 23 modalities, including Breathwork, Reiki, Meditation, Relationship Coaching, Aqua Yoga, Dreamwork, Feng Shui, Chakra Balancing, Essential Oils, Yoga, Voice Work, Counseling & Goal Management.

“What a big help you’ve been! You confronted my issues & I’m so much stronger now as a result.”
MB, Publicist, Proctor & Gamble, Canton, OH

“Well, I was a stuck, I admit it. But I stayed with you & even though it took a few years, I’m now happily married. I had to change my ways. You gave me the inspiration & confidence that I’d find my way & I did.”
JN, CPA, Smith Barney, Manhattan, NY

“Teresa, you did the work that 8 other psychologists and marriage counselors have failed to do for the past eight years. I now have a completely different view of my ex-, and this is helping with our kids as well. Men need this work.”
WS, VP Marketing, Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, CA

“Thanks to your program, I reached my goals and am enjoying a quality of life that I never thought I could. It has made a huge impact in my relationship.”
PS, Branch Manager, Credit Suisse, Zurich, Switzerland

“Teresa, it’s only been six months working with you, and I am engaged to be married! I could never have done this without you. The invitation to our wedding will be arriving soon, I want you there.”
SH, Psychiatrist, Napa, CA

“Teresa saved my life. Prior to meeting her I was walking around on the verge of tears most of the time. I had finally found a person who had a technique that gave me the quality of attention I needed.”
CR, Holistic Practitioner, Tiburon, CA

“As a mother, I knew I had to hold it together, but it was so hard. With your help I moved through mountains of trauma & self-defeating ways.”
SP, Women’s Advocate, Ex-Spouse of Microsoft Sr. Executive, Seattle, WA

“You fixed my relationship between myself & my daughters, helped me get out of a couple bad relationships, find my new place as an Economic Advisor in Central America, & sell my $30Million...in 8 short months! Wow.”
AT, Founder, Tech Agency, Palo Alto, CA

“You’re really good at what you do. After 8 months of working with you, I have moved my Life forward with family & career.”
RC, Land Developer, Petaluma, CA

“Teresa is not licensed, but I feel she’s the best therapist I’ve ever worked with. As a therapist myself, for 25 years, I am very impressed with her grasp of human nature and personal transformation techniques.”
Mikial, Marriage & Family Therapist, San Diego

“I couldn’t believe after all these years you were able to help me clear those blocks! It’s been months; I still feel great.”
MM, Homemaker, Sacramento, CA

“Teresa, in one afternoon, you pulled me through a slump and got me back on top of my game! Thank you for your insight and support. You are impressive. I definitely recommend your professional services.”
TL, CEO, XDeep.com, London, UK

NOTE: There are both private & group weekends, so be sure to indicate your preference on the form.

ESSENTIAL WELL-BEING WEEKEND - CLICK HERE! (https://axismagnagroup.typeform.com/to/TBPEWu)

COUPLES WELLNESS WEEKEND ~ CLICK HERE! (https://axismagnagroup.typeform.com/to/TBPEWu)

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Couples Retreats in San Diego

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Couples Retreats in San Diego

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Couples Retreats in San Diego

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Couples Retreats in San Diego

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Couples Retreats in San Diego

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