What we're about

A Meetup group for developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to learn about and develop for Ethereum, the Ethereum Virtual Machine, and digital contracts in general.

We discuss both permissioned and public chains, everything running the EVM is on-topic. Explicitly off-topic are: trading, ICOs, blockchain politics, we refer to the many other meetups you can find on meetup.com.

Meetups are volunteer-run, and happen in several cities in The Netherlands.

Upcoming events (1)

Odyssey.org Hackathon April 12-14: signal your participation!

Former Sugar Factory

Quite a number of people of the Ethereum meetup will participate in the Odyssey Hackathon: - https://www.odyssey.org/odyssey-hackathon/ Indicate your participation to your fellow Meetup members by RSVP-ing yes (or no) - however make sure you actually have registered via the event website: - https://www.odyssey.org/odyssey-hackathon-registration/ If you are looking for _specific_ Ethereum (or EVM in general) skills, or want to pitch your idea to members of this meetup first, use the comments. If needed, we can send out an extra digest email to the Meetup members.

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