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MakerDAO, POA, xDAI, DexWallet: sidechains as scalability solution @LCU @030

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MakerDAO, POA, xDAI, DexWallet: sidechains as scalability solution @LCU @030


Our next Ethereum DEV meetup is co-produced by Blockchain030 and kindly and generously hosted by Lisk Center Utrecht: (literally next to Utrecht Centraal train station)

Topic of the day: xDAI!

When talking about scaling solutions for Ethereum, most people think of sharding on Layer1, and Plasma, payment channels and state channels for Layer 2.

None of these solutions are yet in production however.

Sidechains are a scaling solution that is currently working, and offer a security/performance/decentralization trade-off worthwhile considering.

3 speakers will talk about xDAI, an Ethereum sidechain with full smart contract capability where MakerDAO's stablecoin DAI, once transferred into the sidechain, is also the gas-paying token for your transactions.

xDAI is acollaboration between the MakerDAO and POA teams. The meetup will be technical, but most topics will be discussed at a conceptual level, so non-devs are welcome too.

Prepare for the meetup and the xDAI drinks by installing Dexwallet for Android (test version ) or iPhone ( )


- Wouter Kampmann, tech lead for MakerDAO : introduction to MakerDAO and DAI, and design decisions for the upcoming multicollateral dai smart contracts.

- Igor Barinov, tech lead for POA and xDAI

- Alessio Delmonti, DexLab, integrated xDAI in their DexWallet

- EXTRA: Mick de Graaf ( and Liam Zebedee (Blocklab Rotterdam) will talk about their bridging protocol to allow dApps to communicate cross-blockchain.


Walk-in from 18.30. Talks start 19h sharp. So far we do not have food sponsors. There will be drinks, make sure to install your (x)DAI beforehand ;-)

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Lisk Center Utrecht
Jaarbeursplein 6 · Utrecht, UT
How to find us

LCU is literally next to Utrecht Centraal train station, opposite exit from City Center. Parking:

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