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Workshop: Decentralized social media (get free Steem!)

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How much are you rewarded for devoting your time and energy to social media? Do Facebook and Twitter reward you for bringing value to THEIR platform?

Unless you are a shareholder, don’t expect any return on investment in the form of money from these companies.

Times are changing, however. Through new decentralized technologies, you can essentially become like a shareholder in various social media platforms and get profits proportionate to the value you bring to the platform.

As content creators (bloggers, musicians, poets, journalists ++) now have a way of monetizing their material, platforms such as Steemit, Minds and DLive are growing rapidly as a result.

If you are a content creator who is looking to make more cash - or just if you enjoy other people’s content - then you will love Steemit and similar platforms, where you are directly rewarded for your efforts.

On May 25th BitSpace and Forklog will dive deep into the world of decentralized social media at the Forklog crypto co-working space in Mikolaja Zyblikiewicza 10/4a, Krakow. There will be a presentation on the basics of and, as well as a brief rundown on some of the other social media projects that are in the works.

After the presentations, most of the Friday evening will be set aside for hanging out and experimenting with the different platforms. Together, we will be able to kick-start each other’s presence on the platforms, as we will be able to follow and upvote each other’s content.

Since Steem has virtually free and super fast transactions, we will also play around with its wallet function, an we will give out some free Steem to the people who come to the workshop.

IMPORTANT: Please note that if you plan to attend, you should have an approved Steemit user ready. It may take a few days to get your user approved (through your telephone number), so make sure this process is initiated well in advance of the workshop.