Crypto Cafe: Steemit Curation Contest


Welcome to Crypto Café at the Forklog crypto coworking space on August 3rd! This month our theme is the decentralized social media platform Steemit, where everyone can earn cryptocurrency by posting and curating content.

The event will be a workshop organized by Forklog and BitSpace (one of the early promoters of Steemit). The structure will be a follow-up on the event we did in May, where we went through the basics of Steemit, but there is of course no requirement that you participated at the previous meetup.

On August 3rd, we will gather again for more experimentation with the platform, and we will do a curation contest to demonstrate the game theory of upvoting content on Steemit.

As a primarily social event, this edition of Crypto Café will of course also leave plenty of time for networking, and you will get to hang out with other Steemians and people interested in the emerging phenomenon of cryptocurrencies.