• Enterprise Investing w/ Jules Miller, Partner IBM Blockchain Ventures

    Please join us for a talk with Jules Miller, Partner at IBM Blockchain Ventures and Co-Founder/Partner at Prose Ventures. Jules will discuss her journey into VC and blockchain, her insights being inhouse at one of the largest enterprise platforms in blockchain, and her views on the development of blockchain technology from an investor's view. Followed by Q&A with Jehan Chu, Kenetic. About Jules Miller Jules is an investor, 3-time entrepreneur and ‘intrapreneur.’ She helped to create the new IBM Blockchain Ventures group, runs the IBM Blockchain Accelerator and was previously head of the IBM Blockchain Garage for North America. She is also co-founder and managing partner of Prose Ventures, the first independent VC fund investing legal and compliance technologies. Jules was previously a partner at LunaCap Ventures, a venture debt fund investing in diverse founders, and was COO of gender lens investing pioneer BRAVA Investments. Jules co-founded and led two legal tech companies: Evolve Law (acquired by Breaking Media/Above the Law), a media and events company for legal innovators, and Hire an Esquire, a venture-backed tech startup providing attorneys on-demand to law firms and in-house legal teams. She also co-founded Carbonado Group, an environmental sustainability consulting firm, and spent 7 years as an ‘intraprenuer’ helping companies including EY, Salesforce.com and Tiffany & Co. to launch and grow new business units around environmental and social responsibility. Jules earned her BA from UCLA and her MSc from The London School of Economics. She is a Kauffman Fellow and and advisor/mentor to a variety of startups and women in tech. - Venue kindly hosted by Kenetic -

  • Privacy on Ethereum w/ AZTEC Protocol - a zero-knowledge privacy solution

    Please join us for a conversation with Tom Pocock from Aztec Protocol, a zero-knowledge privacy protocol on Ethereum. Aztec provides affordable privacy on ethereum for financial applications and is backed by Consensys and advised by Joe Lubin. We'll be talking about Aztech protocol, the current landscape of privacy solutions, and postulate on the far future of the privacy market in the year 2050. Hope to see you there! -Jehan About Tom Pocock: BA & Masters in mathematics from University of Cambridge, Graduate Diploma in Law from City Law School, and CFA Charterholder. Worked at a leading European debt fund.

  • This Artwork is Always on Sale: A Crypto Story - Simon delaRouviere, C. Costinas

    Please join us for a meetup around a re-imagination of the commercial art world and its incentives/alignments using crypto/blockchain technology as a backbone, featuring Simon de la Rouviere (ex-Consensys Engineer of Societies, Curation Market pioneer) and Cosmin Costinas (Executive Director Para Site art space), and moderated by Jehan Chu (Managing Partner Kenetic, Board of Directors Para Site) and kindly hosted by Para Site (www.para-site.org.hk) As many of you know, I have always had a foot in the art and blockchain worlds, and this is one of the most interesting and viable models I have seen to re-align how artists (and really all creators of intellectual property), collectors, and auction houses transact in the digital age. Inspired by the Radical Xchange movement, "This Art is Always on Sale" is a revolutionary experiment by Simon that: a) requires the buyer of an artwork to specify a price at which they agree to sell it, and b) obligates the buyer to pay an annual 5% 'patronage' fee to the artist for as long as they hold the artwork All payments are made in cryptocurrency, and terms are automatically enforced by smart contracts. This system raises important questions around ownership, price discovery, transparency, economic enforcement, artist support and more that I believe will eventually transform the art market as crypto/blockchain is now similarly transforming the financial markets. This model can also be used *by any artist* as the format is open source, giving way for artists and creators to create sustainable models of creation. I'm incredibly excited to have both Simon and Cosmin in conversation to interrogate these ideas from different perspectives, and I hope you'll join us! -Jehan More information here: https://medium.com/@simondlr/this-artwork-is-always-on-sale-92a7d0c67f43 https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/epicenter-learn/simon-de-la-rouviere-bonding-aCN1B45Vsyt/ https://www.coindesk.com/understanding-the-radicalxchange-movement-and-its-cypherpunk-appeal About Simon: Simon graduate with Master of Arts in Socio-Informatics (cum laude), researching information overload on microblogging services, and is currently pioneering the development of new societies based on blockchain technology. He has a keen interest in how the web shapes our daily lives. This passion has sparked an interest in programming and researching sociology/psychology around the web. Creator of Tweekly.fm (last.fm social media mashup: 450k updates a month) and creator of TwimeMachine (easy way to read old tweets: used by people such as Paulho Coelho, Cesc Fabregas, ESPN, CNBC, Sega, NBA, Adidas and Buddy Media). Tweekly.fm and TwimeMachine has been used by more than 1 million people. About Cosmin: Romanian-born writer and curator Cosmin Costinas is one of the most influential tastemakers in Hong Kong’s art scene. As executive director and curator of Para Site, a Hong Kong-based non-profit organisation dedicated to contemporary visual-art exhibitions, he not only runs the institution but plays an important role in developing a critical understanding of local and international phenomena in art and society. In addition, Cosmin is a member of Erste Foundation’s Patterns advisory board, a transnational programme that supports contemporary culture, and Asia’s first Outset curator of contemporary art. He also contributes to numerous magazines, books and exhibition catalogues around the world.

  • Understanding Quorum - JP Morgan's Ethereum fork

    Garage Society Central

    ---Thanks to JPMorgan for being our Ecosystem Sponsor for this event--- Please join us for a chat w/ Mark Wales and Matt Crooks of Galileo Platforms to talk about their experiences implementing Quorum! Quorum Quorum is an enterprise-focused version of Ethereum. Originally developed by JP Morgan and now open-sourced, Quorum is ideal for any application requiring high speed and high throughput processing of private transactions within a permissioned group of known participants. Quorum addresses specific challenges to blockchain technology adoption within the financial industry, and beyond. Mark Wales Mark is the CEO and Co-Founder of Galileo Platforms. He has over 30 years’ experience in Information Technology in the financial services industry, substantially in Life Insurance, Wealth Management, Funds Management and Investment Banking. Mark has held senior executive positions in leading banks, insurance companies and consulting organisations. He has a strong track record in IT strategy and architecture and a reputation for working with businesses to create transformational IT projects that deliver real business value and results. Matt Crooks Matt is the CTO of Galileo Platforms. He has over 20 years international experience working in technology, with the last 16 years specialising in the financial services industry in Australia and Asia. Matthew has been building innovative web-based software solutions since the late ‘90s and has helped businesses of all sizes with their technology ambitions. An Innovator and creator of the next generation of technology solutions Mathew has led and developed solutions for pensions administration, financial planning, insurance companies, and international wealth management platforms. Galileo Platforms Galileo Platforms is a B2B technology company servicing the insurance sector. Using blockchain technology, we cost-efficiently connect distributors, insurers and reinsurers, enabling them to transact in real-time and to deliver a seamless, digital customer journey. Fundamentally, they’re taking the functionality found in traditional policy administration systems and encoding this using smart contracts on a blockchain. This covers the entire business lifecycle including quotations, purchase, client servicing, renewal and claims. ---Thanks to JPMorgan for being our Ecosystem Sponsor for this event---

  • Gavin Wood: The Common Ground of Ethereum and Polkadot

    Garage Society Central

    Please join us for a conversation with Ethereum co-founder and Polkadot founder Gavin Wood in Hong Kong. Recently there has been a great deal of confusion around the positioning and potential competition of these two projects, and in the spirit of open dialogue and common ground, Gavin will be covering how the two projects compliment each other, whether they potentially overlap, and generally how they can support each other from a community and technical perspective going forward.

  • Ethereum SuperMeetup: Annual Asia Region Meetup w/ Vitalik Buterin

    ***PLEASE NOTE - YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THIS MEETUP USING THIS LINK http://ethereumsupermeetup.token2049.com *** Ethereum SuperMeetup, 13-March, Kerry Hotel in Hong Kong ==> ethereumsupermeetup.token2049.com Excited to announce the world's first Ethereum Asia SuperMeetup! Please join us for this year’s largest Meetup, where members of 11 Ethereum communities from across Asia Pacific will meet in Hong Kong to plan the future of our community. This will be a landmark event, where we will establish a framework for EthMeetups to work with the Ethereum Foundation, and receive formal recognition and support from Ethereum Foundation. We will be joined by Vitalik Buterin, and Community leaders Shaun Djie (Ethereum Singapore), Kazuki Obata (Ethereum Tokyo), Brian Cheong (Ethereum Seoul), Chih-Cheng Liang (Ethereum Taipei), Manda (Ethereum Indonesia), Veronica Andrino (Ethereum Philippines), James Zaki (Sydney Ethereum), Daisy Nguyen (Ethereum Vietnam), Bobby Ong (Ethereum Malaysia) and Philip Seifert (Ethereum Shanghai). Doors open 18:30 on 13 March 2019, at the TOKEN2049 Ballroom, Kerry Hotel in Hong Kong. The event is **free** to attend for all Community members. Signup at ethereumsupermeetup.token2049.com. Hope to see you there!

  • Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood: Polkadot and Web3 Foundation Update

    **Sponsored by InvestHK** Please join us for a last-minute meetup with Ethereum co-Founder Gavin Wood for an overview of Polkadot, Web3 Foundation, and thoughts on the current state of the Ethereum ecosystem

  • Delve into Blockchain Adoption

    Garage Society Wan Chai

    Join our discussion and workshop on the use cases of Blockchain adoption with Status - A Mobile Ethereum OS. Introduction of the presenters: - Nabil Naghdy, COO of Status Nabil is currently the COO of status.im, an open source mobile client for the Ethereum Network that serves as a gateway to DApps, secure wallet, and more. Raised in Australia, Nabil now resides in 'Cryptovalley' Zug, and focuses on growing Status' distributed team. Before Status, Nabil was the lead Product Manager for Google Flights. Nabil first joined Google in 2010, where he led the team working on advertising solutions within Google Maps. Prior to Google, Nabil was an entrepreneur working in the online advertising space. He founded a online social advertising network, followed by co-founding a real-time advertising exchange for Asia based in Singapore. - Ben Morris, Head of Status Incubate Ben is the Head of Status Incubate and has over 12 years experience in financial technology spanning various geographies. He spent a large part of his career at Bloomberg, developing their eCommerce platform across Asia-Pacifc and also headed the Treasury business for Thomson Reuters in the Middle East and North Africa. Ben is now the global lead for Status Incubate which aims to catalyze early-stage blockchain startups looking to reinvent the Web. - Rachel Hamlin, Product Manager Rachel is a Product Manager at Status. She focuses on making web3 enjoyable and safe to use, ensuring that the Status browser meets emerging interoperability standards and that DApps can integrate seamlessly within the Status client. - Julien Eluard, Clojure Developer Julien is a Clojure developer at Status working on building the best tools - Status Extensions - to let developers create truly decentralized applications capable of benefiting from direct access to a better web. Agenda 6:30pm - 7:00pm | Networking 7:00pm - 7:05pm | Opening remarks - John Fiorelli, Chief Growth Officer, Kenetic 7:05pm - 7:30pm | Introduction and Updates from Status - A year of accomplishment and what’s next for 2019? - Nabil Naghdy, COO of Status 7:30pm - 7:35pm | Update from Incubate - Building the ecosystem with Status Incubate -Ben Morris, Head of Status Incubate 7:35pm - 7:45pm | Q&A 7:45pm - 8:15pm | Product Updates - Building for Web3, an introduction to extending Status by leveraging web3 (Welcome to all beginners!) -Julien Eluard, Clojure Developer & Rachel Hamlin, Product Manager of Status 8:15pm - 8:30 pm | Networking

  • Scalability NOW: Live Micropayments on Eth Mainnet w/ Connext and Spankchain

    ** TOMORROW Tuesday Sep 11th 6:30pm ** Please join us for a discussion and detailed walk-through of Connext.Network, a live implementation of the micro-payments on the Ethereum Mainnet. This is one of the first Mainnet implementations applied to the adult industry dapp "Spankchain" and addresses a key question about the viability of blockchain technology's capacity to economically scale. Connext is a state channel network for scaling Ethereum microtransactions that is available today for projects to build on. Their goal is to provide an open source infrastructure layer that can help projects serve a variety of p2p transaction-related use cases ranging from simple payments to high frequency DEX trading or even games of arbitrary complexity. The first Connext Hub, Spankchain, is already live in production, and is being used to scale real viewer to performer payments on spank.live, their camsite. This talk will review what state channels are, why they're important and what they're good for. Then, Connext will dive into how their ecosystem works and how the vision for the project fits into an underserved but rapidly growing niche in the payments industry. Lastly, they will cover how you can get set up with a Connext Hub yourself, what their roadmap is for the coming months and some of the ways that you can get involved with the project. Connext co-Founder Arjun Bhuptani will give a demo of the Connext implementation and then will be joined by Jehan Chu (Managing Partner, Kenetic) for a discussion on scalability and micropayments. ---- Arjun is the founder and CEO of Connext, a frictionless solution to bring tokens to mainstream markets. A physicist turned developer, Arjun now focuses primarily on understanding the token economy, the regulations that pertain to the industry and on finding novel ways to combat fraud and financial crimes on blockchains.

  • Sat. Sep 8: Ethis Ethereum Industry Conference w/ Vitalik Buterin


    **Please Join Us for this non-profit Ethereum conference** Register for tickets now: https://ethis.io --- ETHIS(Ethereum Industry Summit--Scalability and Industry Integration)is a nonprofit global conference organized by LinkTime, a representative of Ethereum community in China. We are glad to have EthFans, a Chinese Ethereum enthusiasts community, to be the co-organizer of the event. The conference will take place in Hong Kong on September 8, 2018, with the purpose of enhancing the Ethereum community ecosystem development, advancing the popularity of Ethereum technology, fostering the integration of Ethereum technology with relevant industries as well as promoting the communication and cooperation between various global Ethereum communities. The conference will mainly focus on Ethereum technology and industry development, covering Ethereum scalability solutions (Plasma, Casper, State Channels and Sidechain, etc), Ethereum-based applications in various industries (finance, supply chain and gaming, etc), smart contract security and Vyper (smart contract development language). We will invite core Ethereum developers and researchers, founders of well-known projects and their key team members as well as representatives of Ethereum communities worldwide to share the latest development of Ethereum technology, its industry integration and future development trends. There will be around 800 attendees in total, including thought leaders in this field, blockchain enthusiasts and media from China and abroad. The conference will also cover two panels centering on “Security of Smart Contract” in the morning and “Decentralized Exchanges” in the afternoon, which will be one of the highlights of the conference. Speakers: Vitalik Buterin, Founder Ethereum Pandia Jiang, Founder Linktime Karl Floersch, Ethereum Core Researcher Jehan Chu, Founder Ethereum HK Meetup, coFounder Kenetic Hsiao-Wei Wang, Ethereum Core Researcher Jun Hasegawa, Founder of OmiseGo Loi Luu, Founder of KyberNetwork & SmartPool Matthew Liu, Co-founder of Origin Protocol Han Chang, CTO of CoinFi Vilhelm Sjöberg, Research Scientist at CertiK Xiaozhou Li, Co-founder of Celer Network Chao Pan, Economics Research at MakerDAO Alan Li, Director of R&D at FBG X Mi Jing, CEO & Founder of Covenant Labs Jake Lang, Core Developer at Ethereum Foundation Yixuan Lin, Head of Businesses Development at DEx.top Bowen Wang,Co-founder of Hydro Protocol & DDEX Shown Douglass, CEO & Co-Founder of Amberdata Eric Tang, CTO of Livepeer Oskar Thorén, Head of Engineering at Status David Knott, Plasma Researcher ...and more! Tickets: US$40 Students US$50 Developers US$75 Early Bird US$100 Standard Supported by: Linktime (Organizer), Kenetic, EthFans, CSDN, Forum-30 on AI/Blockchain (co-Organizers) FBGX, BitUN, Justfund (Silver Sponsor) F2Pool, Datum, Amberdata (Bronze Sponsor)