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This will be a forum for Blockchain experts, researchers, students, enthusiasts to get together and share the latest developments, collaborate, inspire, create and get on thrill ride together! We host regular Blockchain technical workshops around the globe, in London, Zurich, Geneva, Dubai, Singapore, New Delhi, Mumbai.

If you are familiar with ethereum, and are a fan, Join us! We will give you the tools to get the best out of this unique phase in history of technology. We will bring you face to face with the best in blockchain - such as the whizkid inventor of ethereum Vitalik Buterin himself! Vitalik believes in the potential of emerging countries and will be visiting India for the second time in 6 months! So brace yourself! We are passionate about creating a Blockchain eco-system in India and around the world. We hosted the first ever Blockchain India Summit in New Delhi on 6 Dec 2016 featuring Inventor of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin. We will be hosting the Blockchain India Week during 13th to 20th May 2017 with a series of events for the Blockchain clan - Ethereum Developer Community Meetups, Conference, Technical Workshops on Ethereum Smart Contracts & Other Blockchain Protocols, Hackathons , CEO & CTO Forums and Informal meetups. Vitalik Buterin Prize for Blockchain Excellence
We are announcing a call for submission of research papers on Blockchain topics. Blockchain folks can pick any topic pertaining to the below and email their submissions in PDF before 25 April.
Topics :
1. Proof of Stake - Various developments and how to take this research forward?
2. Scalability, Privacy and Security of Blockchains - what;s the future?
3. Cryptocurrencies - What Can India do to leapfrog in this blockchain era?
4. Blockchain Use cases & applications for India - illustrated use cases
5. Any topic of your choice in Blockchain

Vitalik will assess the shortlisted papers and award the winning submission "Vitalik Buterin Prize for Blockchain Excellence" and a cash award of Rs1 lakh sponsored by Zero Field Labs Pvt ltd, UK. Vitalik will himself give away the prize in person at the Blockchain India Summit on 18-19 May to be held in Mumbai.

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Bengaluru Fintech Summit 15-16 october 2020 INDIA

The LaLiT Ashok Bangalore

Http://bengalurufintechsummit.com Tickets https://in.explara.com/e/bengaluru-fintech-summit-15-16-oct-2020 https://www.townscript.com/e/bengaluru-fintech-summit-244334 We are hosting the second annual edition of our flagship Fintech Conference - "Bengaluru Fintech Summit" on 15-16 October 2020 in Bengaluru, Silicon Valley of the East. The 2 day summit will bring together 200 CEOs, decision makers and innovators from Banking, Financial Services, Fintech ecosystem, startups and investor community, policy makers from Govt. of India. We are also bringing some professionals from USA & EU - which will be a revolutionary influence on the Indian financial sector. https://mailchi.mp/fbfc2df8fb1a/2019-the-year-of-fintech-ai-tokenised-securities-1734049 Bengaluru Fintech Summit 12-13 June 2020 Paving way for India’s tech leadership in the 4th industrial revolution. World : Get ready, Indian unicorns are coming! Shangri La Hotel, Palace Road, Bengaluru Bengaluru Fintech Summit 12 June 2020 - Fintech, Deep Tech, AI, Blockchain Bengaluru Crypto Summit 13 June 2020 - Crypto, Tokens, Blockchain, Tokenised Securities Featuring 40+ internationally acclaimed speakers: Vikram Venkateswaran, Ajit Tripathi, Arifa Khan etc CEOs, CTOs, disrupters from promising technologies of the 4th industrial revolution. Attendees : Inventors, Investors, Banks, Tech Unicorns, Fintech & Deeptech, Innovator Startups, Accelerators, Law firms, ICOs, STOs Sample Topics: 1. Striking Gold : India’s growing list of Fintech unicorns : Seeding the Unicorns, what makes them click, how to multiply the conducive factors ? The magic formulae of Policybazaar, PAYTM, pine labs, Centrum Direct 2. The future of Cryptocurrencies, Tokenisation, STOs: Potential, opportunities and challenges for Indian market 3. Payment 2.0: Will India lead the way to global innovation. 4. In the Era of AI can India be at par with Global Economies like US and China. 5. Have Fintech Companies changed the landscape of lending in India 6. Evolution of Tech VC Ecosystem in India 7. The future of Fintech in India : Are the Legal, Regulatory & Compliance aspects keeping up with the commercial growth and infinite demand. 8. Investor Round Table 9. Do Banks consider Fintech as Partners in Digital Disruption or as competitors 10. Startup Pitches Security Tokens will be the saviour of crypto economy in 2020, with big financial institutions and successful crypto pioneers in a race to occupy key positions in this new crypto phenomenon. We will tell you how to ride this wave to wealth! STOs & ICOs, come join our epic presentations and investor roundtables in Bengaluru. We welcome submissions from tokenisation and Capital Markets experts and influencers both from the old and new paradigms, come contribute your opinions, analysis to DigitalSecuritiesJournal Print magazine launched in 2019. Digital Securities - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vj6rAzaAypw Bengaluru has always been at the forefront of inventing and adopting new technology, however, we feel that there is a huge opportunity in the field of Fintech to the tune of 4 trillion US Dollars, that can be tapped to create a new wave of technology, jobs and a fintech eco system. We have hosted several events in collaboration with various State governments of India (Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi etc.) and also Europe-India Conclave in New Delhi, where Honorable Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari was our Chief Guest and most such events have had a great impact in bringing awareness about a new industry. Brochure is available for sponsors Sponsorship categories Title - Rs 15 L, Platinum - Rs 9.5 L, Gold - Rs 6.5 L, Silver - Rs 4.5 L. Also, Startup Pitching & Booth Stalls start at Rs 1.5 L. Hackathon sponsorship's starts at Rs 2.5 L. Tickets for the Fintech Summit 12 June is Rs 500 per person and Crypto Summit 13 June is Rs 22500 per person. bit.ly/hcxworld bengalurutechsummit.com facebook.com/bengalurufintechsummit http://t.me/capitalcoinico

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