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Calling all hackers, programmers, engineers, developers, designers, entrepreneurs and anyone excited about the new future possible through blockchains. - It is time to meet Ethereum. Ethereum is building the foundation to support a secure, scalable, cross-currency, smart contract platform. Ethereum can be used to codify, decentralize, secure and trade just about anything: voting, domain names, financial exchanges, Financial derivatives, insurance, lending, micropayments, accounting and auditing, law and arbitration, crowdfunding, company governance, contracts and agreements of most kind, intellectual property, prediction markets, and even smart property thanks to hardware integration. We are building Dapps, DACs, and DAOs... We are building the future!

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13650229 (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13650229/)/

Main Site: https://ethereum.org

Developer site: https://ethdev.com/

Whitepaper: http://ethereum.org/ethereum.html

IRC: https://bit.ly/IRC_ethereum (this replaces the Skype chat)

Forums: http://forum.ethereum.org (http://forum.ethereum.org/) and http://reddit.com/r/ethereum

Python lovers : https://github.com/ethereum/pyethereum

Open Collaboration sessions: http://ethereum.builders

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Blockchains for the Real World

Intela - Integrated Technology Lab

For most, blockchains are still abstract and there are few applications with widespread adaption. This meetup will focus on real-world application relevant for your life or your business today or tomorrow. About the Speakers and Panelists: Christian Kameir, Managing Partner, Sustany Capital Christian has been a tech entrepreneur since the dial-up days and his current focus is tokenization strategies, smart-contracts and virtual asset investing. He holds a law degree from the University of Muenster. Christian is an official member of Forbes Finance Council and seasoned public speaker on topics ranging from high-tech investing to blockchain technologies. Nigel Hook, Founder, DataSkill Nigel Hook founded DataSkill in 1981, with a vision to develop skills that deliver extraordinary value from data – structured or unstructured. Today DataSkill’s TradeSun product automates and simplifies trade finance for banks and corporations, while enforcing regulatory compliance and intercepting Anti Money Laundering using native AI and blockchain technology. Growing up by Bletchley Park, Hook’s early career was inspired by Alan Turing and led to his BSc in Computer Science from Staffordshire University, followed by an MBA. Andrei Jagodin, Co-Founder, StayBit.io Andrei Jagodin is the Co-founder of StayBit.io blockchain project. StayBit.io is positioned to become a decentralized AirBnb platform, providing an opportunity to book vacation rental properties through Ethereum smart contracts. DApp, developed by StayBit.io implements a P2P stablecoin payment/escrow gateway and enforces cancellation policies.

The new face of crypto: Stable Coins and Money-over-IP

Intela - Integrated Technology Lab

Stable Coins are a hot topic for the adaption of blockchain-based payment systems.

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2019 - The Year of Security Token Offerings?

Intela - Integrated Technology Lab

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