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Ethereum: Spurious Dragon, Geth 1.5 and ENS

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It's the last meetup of the year and this time we'll look at the last hard fork (and the accidental consensus issue afterwards), new features in the recently released Geth 1.5 and the upcoming ENS (Ethereum Name Service) protocol.


1) General Introduction

A general overview of the ethereum project.

What are its aims? How does it work? Who is behind it? How does the release process work? What happens now?

2) Spurious Dragon and Geth 1.5

• Spurious Dragon HardFork

• New features in Geth 1.5 (including LES(!))

3) Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

One major usability problem of ethereum is the usage of addresses and hashes instead of names. The Ethereum Name Service is a system of contracts that will allow the mapping of ethereum based domains (in the beginning only ending in .eth) to addresses or other kinds of data such as Swarm or IPFS hashes. As such it is a critical component in the Ethereum Web 3.0 vision and is currently under development.

Recently an initial version of the ENS has been deployed onto the new ropsten testnet and can now be used for testing. This presentation will give an overview over the system.

4) Socializing

Afterwards feel free to chat with other cryptocurrency enthusiasts about ethereum or whatever else you find interesting.