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Ethereum: Possibilities of homomorphic encryption

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After some high-level presentations over the past few months, this time we will delve deep into cryptography. While zk-Snarks are currently the most hyped cryptographic tool in the ethereum world, there are other cryptographic primitives that may be useful. This time Johann Höchtl from the Danube University Krems will present about homomorphic encryption: what it is and potential applications in the blockchain space.


1) General Introduction

A general overview of the ethereum project.

What are its aims? How does it work? Who is behind it? How does the release process work? What happens now?

2) Updates

Recap of important events in the last month

3) Johann Höchtl: Homomorphic Encryption

A core principle of Ethereum and other public blockchains is that all nodes share the same data. However, certain use cases require confidentiality that goes beyond pseudonymity. This is where homomorphic encryption comes in.

Homomorphic encryption is a principle which enables data analytics of data without actually "seeing" the data. Using this principle, entirely new fields of application become possible like analytics of personal data through third parties.

The presentation will introduce the principles of homomorphic encryption, which implementations are already available, and what visions of future application are currently discussed. Enigma ( is a company which currently works on providing homomorphic encryption to the masses, using distributed consensus finding via proof-of-work on a blockchain. Thus every network participant can become a big data analytics hub.

Johann Höchtl studied business informatics at Vienna University of Technology. He currently works at Danube University Krems, Department for E-Governance. He is currently involved in the project Data Market Austria ( where he investigates the usage of Blockchain technology for fine-grained access to data.

4) Socializing

Afterwards feel free to chat with other cryptocurrency enthusiasts about ethereum or whatever else you find interesting.

For this meetup we are sponsored by bitfly, the company behind the largest ethereum mining pool and the etherchain block explorer. Drinks and food will be free this time.