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Clash of Coins (Ethereum + Monero + Dogecoin)

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After the talk about homomorphic encryption last time, this time we'll once again look at useful cryptography: ring signatures. These form the backbone of Monero, a cryptocurrency with strong privacy. After Metropolis this kind of cryptography will also be possible on Ethereum.

In addition in the beginning I will talk about the ENS (Ethereum Name Service) and its upcoming (re)launch on the mainnet. To conclude the evening Matthias will talk about the origins of Dogecoin.

This is a joint event with the Dogecoin austria meetup ( and the recently created Monero Austria ( meetup group.


• ENS ( Relaunch

ENS ( is a decentralised name service built on top of ethereum. Following a failed launch of the .eth registrar a few weeks ago, it is now ready for relaunch on the main net.

In this talk I'll briefly talk about what ENS can do and how it works.

• Justin Ehrenhofer: Privacy with Monero (

Justin will talk about how Monero ( achieves privacy and its roadmap.

Justin has been active in the Monero community for the past two years. Although he is not a developer for the project, he has contributed heavily on StackExchange and with the Monero mining community. He is a president of the University of Minnesota's Cryptocurrency Club, and he has spoken about Monero at several other meetups. Justin is studying finance and management information systems.

• Matthias Tarasiewicz: Origins of Dogecoin

Matthias will talk about the origin story behind Dogecoin and the (somewhat forgotten) cryptocurrencies that lead up to it (geistgeld, tenebrix, ltc).