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What we’re about

The Silicon Valley Ethereum Meetup is a forum for developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to learn about and develop for Ethereum. We have meetings on the technical details of the Ethereum protocol and contracts, and on more general subjects such as decentralized storage. We have meetings in Palo Alto, Mountain View, Santa Clara, and elsewhere in Silicon Valley; if you live in SF you may want to join our sister group: the San Francisco Ethereum Developer Meetup.

For more information on Ethereum see the whitepaper, the yellowpaper, forums on Stackexchange and Reddit, and also Gitter Chat

We welcome proposals for talks at Here are a few things that we look at when evaluating projects that want to talk to us: (1) Does your website, whitepaper, pitch look professional? (2) How mature of an understanding of Ethereum and decentralization is shown? (3) Is the business model something new, interesting, decentralized, and useful?  (4) Are you willing to educate us (including the flaws and tradeoffs in your products), or are you solely interested in marketing? We are very cautious about presentations from any group with a live token sale, or who are within two months of such a sale. 
Our focus is on the good and bad of Ethereum; we prefer to leave the faults of other cryptocurrencies and organizations (the US dollar, Federal Reserve) to other venues wherever possible.  The Silicon Valley Ethereum Meetup is dedicated to an enjoyable experience for all; see details here.  Contact us at if you'd like to help organize events. 
Join us!