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1) Eran Tromer on ZeroCash, and 2) Andrew Miller on Permacoin

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Eran Tromer ( from Tel Aviv University will speak on Zerocash, a new cryptocurrency that has true anonymity. Eran's co-author, Eli Ben-Sasson ( presented preliminary info on Zerocash here (; Zerocash is built on SCIP ( and improves on Zerocoin ( Also, Andrew Miller ( will speak on Permacoin (, a new security technique for cryptocurrencies that allows distributed storage of petabytes of data. Andrew has also published on FawkesCoin ( and Mixcoin ( Both speakers will present similar material to us as they will present that same week at the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (

In addition to cryptographic details, we look forward to discussions on the real-world consequences of their work. Please come!