A Deep Dive into Prysmatic Labs’ Ethereum 2.0 Client

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Silicon Valley Ethereum Meetup
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We're honored to welcome Terence Tsao [0] of Prysmatic Labs [1] present on their work in support of the movement towards an Ethereum 2.0 future. This presentation builds upon and expands from prior SV Ethereum meetups in which we demonstrated how to spin up an Eth2.0 testnet. This is not to be missed. Terence's abstract follows:

Go as a programming language powers a large majority of the Ethereum networks today. By leveraging the powerful concurrency primitives of the Go programming language to handle tens of thousands of events, blocks, and transactions efficiently underneath the hood, which makes Go an excellent fit for distributed computing.

This talk will guide the audience through several examples of Go in production today within the Ethereum ecosystem, such in Prysmatic Labs' ETH2 client, Prysm, as well Go's common gotchas that can prevent programmers from harnessing the speed and efficiency of the language. We will discuss the powerful monitoring and tracing tools Go developers use on a daily basis as well as lesser known design patterns for performant applications.

All levels in this space are highly welcomed to our events, and no previous blockchain experience necessary.

The Silicon Valley Ethereum meetup is sponsored by the Decentralization Foundation [2].

[0] https://twitter.com/terencechain
[1] https://prysmaticlabs.com/
[2] https://d24n.org/