Documentary Night: The Altruism Revolution

This is a past event

7 people went


For documentary night we will be watching The Altruism Revolution. The notion that man is driven by ruthless self-interest has been with us for generations. Now this idea is being challenged by new research in fields as diverse as political science, psychology, sociology and economics. If altruism really is intrinsic in humans, is it possible to build a society and an economy structured around altruistic behavior instead of greed, tribalism and winning at all costs? This film plunges deep into the human mind to explore this idea and find out what really drives us. After the film we will break out into small discussion groups. We will do multiple rounds of small group discussion, then close out the night with a whole group discussion.

This event is open to all who are open to all. The one thing we ask is that people allow others to get their full thought out and that any disagreement is voiced in a civil way.

At the end we will decide together the topic for the next month's film. Thank you and hope to see you there!

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