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Ethical non-monogamy is a term for all forms of personal relationships in which some or all participants have multiple romantic and/or sexual partners with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved. It is NOT about cheating or honing your skills as a make-out artist, and this group is NOT a platform for seeking casual sex, friends with benefits, or hook-ups. The emphasis in ethical non-monogamy is on acting ethically and responsibly, on communicating openly and honestly with your partners and showing them respect. Various forms of ethical non-monogamy include polyamory (being romantically involved with more than one person at the same time), swinging (couples involved with other couples) and any other form of non-monogamy that is transparent and consensual. The fulfillment that can be, and is, experienced in this approach to relationships dispels the notion that love has to be monogamous. Just as a parent can love more than one child, adults can (and sometimes prefer to) love more than one person at once. This is not to say that monogamy cannot work or have its own rewards, but to acknowledge the reality that it is not the only way to love or have committed relationships. So whether this is already your own experience and you’d like to meet like-minded people, or simply a subject you find interesting to explore, welcome! Our events range from simple get-togethers for discussions on this topic, to social activities like picnics and karaoke.

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