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It’s time to eat all the ethnic cuisines that Queens and other boroughs have to offer. Members will eat in a family style setting and share the total food costs plus tax and tips. The only exception is that you pay for your own drinks and dessert. This group is for adventurous people. I can’t guarantee that the food is up to your liking. So eat at your own risks! :)

This group is not suitable for serious vegetarians or picky eaters.

If you don't want to have your pictures taken during the event and have them post in the group's meetup album, please feel free to let the host or the organizer know so that we can honor your request. Thanks.


1. If you receive three no shows, you will be removed from the group. So please change your RSVP if your plans change. Starting 1/1/2014, you must change your RSVP deadline two days before the scheduled event by no later than 3 pm. If you cancel after the deadline, regardless if you are on the attend list or wait list, then it will count as a no show.

2. If you get move up from the wait list to attend list, you are expected to attend the dinner. Wait list members, please don't cancel your RSVP wait list after the RSVP deadline even though you know for sure that you are not going to get move up to the attending list. You will be marked as no show if you cancel after RSVP deadline. Dinner Organizers will not move any wait listed members to attending list if it is less than 24 hours from the scheduled dinner. So no worries!

3. You are required to pay for your share of the total bill even if you did not get to eat all of the different dishes ordered due to your own lateness or other reasons.

4. To reduce confusion and time wasted from looking through menus, the Assistant, Event Organizers and I will ultimately choose the dishes from the menu for us to consume; you may, however, give some suggestions of dishes before each meetup dinner menu is posted, but these suggestions would not be guaranteed. Please look at the dishes that we listed at each meetup carefully before you sign up.

5. $1.00 per person meetup cost will be added on each event.

6. This meet up group is only for its members. So if you want to bring a guest, please have him or her join the group. Couples: Please join separately (individually). Thanks.

7. All organizers reserve the right to give priority to some members, when necessary. We would like to give all members a better chance of attending our events instead of having the same members attend the repeated events.

8. No solicitation to members.

9. It is a requirement for all members to have their personal profile pictures with this group at all time.

10. The Meetup Organizer (me) reserves the right to excuse members who earned enough credits (attended at least 85 dinners) to be absent from dinner after RSVP deadline during certain circumstances. However this privilege will not be allow to be abused. Your 3 no shows will have to be used first before I decide to give you the excuse.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Please feel free to let us know if you have any restaurants for us to try.

Wai-Leng, Organizer of the group.

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Cantonese Dinner in Elmhurst!

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Dim Sum in Chinatown - Golden Unicorn

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French in Flatiron - NoMad

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Sichuan in Flushing - Hot Kitchen

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