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Our regular EthnoBorrels offer networking with other professional ethnographers and people who want to work with ethnography. You can present your work, seek advice from peers, discover opportunities, advance your skills, and link up with broader global networks.

Each event is held in a different location, and is usually hosted by a company or organisation. The format of each event varies according to members' needs.

EthnoBorrel was founded by Erin Taylor and Gawain Lynch in December 2017. Our inspiration was the "ethnobreakfasts" held in the USA and the Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Community (EPIC), which work to forge stronger connections among professional ethnographers, and between ethnographers and industry.

We are designers, researchers, managers, and more. We work in companies, consultancies, design agencies, research institutes, think tanks, market research companies, NGOs, and government agencies.

Past events (16)

EthnoBorrel Summer Party!

Roost aan de Singel

Stories from the Field

Online event

“I have a problem, but how do I develop a solution?”

Online event

Research Cultures in Companies #2: Agile, Ops and Teamwork

Online event

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