What we're about

Who We Are

The Etobicoke Business Network is all about forging strong business relationships and creating vibrant connections in the Toronto, Mississauga and Etobicoke business community. Our goal is to provide a place that enables participants to make the right connections to grow their businesses and have healthy, strong business networks, without the high fees of those other groups.

Where and When

We host a regular meetup events, in the Etobicoke area. We are holding monthly breakfast gatherings and occasional special events.

Who Should Attend

We are looking for people who want to strengthen their connections with other businesses and business people in the Etobicoke area. Sure, we are open to people from across Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and Vaughan that are looking for connections with Etobicoke businesses.

We are not structured like a BNI or Letip group. There is no membership fees and no annual dues to pay. We are not too restrictive about who can join. Requests to join are screened for fit and suitability to the group's vision.

If you are in a multi-level-marketing business you are welcome to attend, to promote your product only. Any reports that you have been excessively attempting to recruit members to grow your network will result in expulsion from the group.

Meeting Structure

If you attend one of our breakfast events, here is what to expect. Please be sure to arrive early as the key part happens at the beginning. We will go around the table a few times to get everyone involved. You will be asked to introduce yourself and your business and you will be asked to give a short description about your business.

We will have an organized business card exchange, giving you the opportunity to get your card into everyone's hands and to make sure you receive cards from all the participants too.

We may say a few words of welcome and pass along a few announcements, but most of the time is left for people to connect with each other. If you are new to this style of networking, be sure to ask one of the hosts for some help.

Promoting Your Business

Be sure to bring plenty of business cards. They are only good when you give them away!

Our Philosophy

Build lasting relationships and connections by adding value to the lives of others without asking for anything in return. We believe that your business will grow naturally over time if you focus on building relationships and not "selling".

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want." - Zig Ziglar


Regular attendance is not required, but ensures the most referrals. Over time, getting to know the other members builds trust. The better other members know you, the more comfortable it is for them to refer business to you.


Don't forget to RSVP to our events so someone who met you at an event has a way to get a hold of you, even if they have lost your business card. It also helps creating momentum for our events and will result in higher attendance. There's also a spot to let us know if you are unable to attend. That helps to let us know not to send you extra reminders.

New Members Welcome!

Professionals - Entrepreneurs and Executives. There may or may not be multiple members of one industry or profession - unlike a BNI or LeTip group - more like a Chamber of Commerce without the fees.

Group Profile with Picture

Be sure to make use of your Meetup profile! Here’s a great opportunity to introduce yourself and your business with your online group profile. Make sure you use a head shot that shows your face. Yes, a real picture of your face! No logos, drawings, pictures of your pet or favourite flower vase (!?! No kidding!), or pictures with sun glasses please!

Building Your Network

We’d be happy to personally introduce you to people in our network, but it's really up to you to reach out and build relationships.

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February 2021 - Entrepreneurs Networking Home Breakfast

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January 2021 Kickoff - Entrepreneurs Networking Home Breakfast

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October Entrepreneurs Networking Home Breakfast

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Entrepreneurs Networking Home Breakfast

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