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As a temporary, precautionary measure and an abundance of caution we are cancelling all of our events which include kirtans, day retreats, and classes. We hope this will not be for long but it will depend on the spread of Coronavirus. We will be sending out another message when we are resuming our programs.

Be safe, avoid large gatherings, handshaking, and unfortunately hugging. I'm sure you already know to wash your hands frequently and keep them away from your face. Let's look at this as an opportunity to step up our hygiene, exercise, and eating healthy foods to boost our immune systems.

We have Online Meditation Classes on our website yogameditation.ca (http://yogameditation.ca/) and we have just uploaded more meditation music for you to download.

We will miss you, but we'll be back - we just want to be extra careful during this critical time.
Visit http://www.yogameditation.ca for info on all of our free meditation sessions.
All are welcome and no previous experience is necessary. This group is for beginners as well as long time practitioners of meditation! You will be provided with the tools to help you find relief from today’s stresses and anxieties and discover true and lasting happiness. The specific meditation we practice is called mantra meditation, an ancient form of meditation that has been practiced since time immemorial. In this meditation we focus our minds on the hearing and chanting of transcendental sounds. Simply by hearing and repeating these sacred sounds you will find relief from stress and anxiety and become immersed in spiritual happiness. A happiness that is beyond the senses and mind - a happiness in the heart.
In accordance with the time-honored teachings of yoga meditation, all of our programs are free of charge. We look forward to meeting & meditating with you!

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