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TeaTalk is a safe space where women receive the support needed to optimize their mental, financial, emotional, physical and social well-being - all done over delicious all natural cups of tea. THE TEAS The teas chosen are all natural or organic and come from different countries around the world. Each sachet features a quote. THE TALK - STIMULATES, ENGAGES, ENTERTAINS TeaTalk facilitates the sharing of thoughts, opinions, and unfiltered interpretation of quotes based on our personal experiences, values and beliefs. The quotes to be discussed are usually a random mix from the thoughtfully curated collection. Group members, however, are also encouraged to share quotes and topics they would like discussed. In some cases speakers will be invited to share their expertise on the specific quote/subject being explored and discussed. The facilitated discussion encourages us to delve into life's issues in a thoughtful manner, and from multiple points of views - often times varying from those we are familiar with or adhere to. We can reaffirm what we already know or safely push the boundaries and ourselves. To foster individual growth and also that of the group, members who are so inclined may also failitate a TeaTalk session. INCLUSIVE Tea Talk is inclusive, and welcome diverse peoples that represent the full spectrum of the human race. CONFIDENTIALITY TeaTalk is a safe space for people to share. For that to be maintained, it is important that each person commits to honouring the principles of privacy, confidentiality and respect. These values are in writing and all participants are required to give their written consent. Funds acquired from ticket sales go towards supplies, teas and refreshments. FROM THE FOUNDER AND FACILITATOR I am a Life Coach and an ardent believer in the power of words and living the examined life. I believe that people are by nature communal and we become our best selves when we are engaged with each other in a meaningful way. I adhere to the TIFIDIN Principle that states: What we THINK determines what will feel What we FEEL determines what we do What we DO determines our life paths The life paths we take NOW determine our destiny & legacy

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What we're about

This group is for those who want to reclaim conversation. It's an opportunity to get away from the screen for a couple of hours and to listen and share face to face. It's an opportunity to connect in a meaningful way, to practise the fine and dying art of reading and understanding social cues that come from from our body language, facial expression and tone of voice...

One of the things I love most is to engage in the critical thinking process. Not to just maintain a position for the sake of being right or 'winning', but to truly listen, to hear, to process and give serious thought to said position. Anyone can say yes or no to a position, but when asked 'why' that's where things get interesting. Why do we believe and do the things we do. Should we? Do we have the courage to change or maintain our position in light of new information? For that matter is doing so courage, fear or something else?

TeaTalk is an amazing tool for engaging. For peeling away the layers and getting to the nitty gritty - the true substance. I can't quite put into words the experience of watching and hearing 10 people share 10 completely different takes on the same quote. It really speaks volumes about how our natural disposition, coupled with the environment we were nurtured in and our lived experiences, influence and determine how and what we hear.

What is equally amazing are pople who will start off in one position and make a shift just based on what was shared by others at their table. Sometimes they don't go to the opposite position but they are left questioning, and that questioning can be a powerful thing. That questioning acts as an agitator to acquire knowledge about self and other. It's a quest for our truths.

I hope you will join me on the journey. The journey of living the examined life

And oh yea, the teas, are an absolutely delicious conduit. Come see for yourself. TeaTalk is more than tea...come share the experience.

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