• Dungeon of the mad mage

    Ettin Games and Hobbies

    Join as we explore the undermountain

  • Keyforge Weekly Free Play

    Ettin Games

    Meet up and play with other Keyforge players at our weekly free play night, every Monday at 6:30PM! Come and show up to get some practice rounds in, test out a new deck, or learn to play!

  • Tuesday Board Game Night

    Ettin Games

    Come join us for board games. Bring your own or choose one from our free library of games. Everyone is welcome!

  • Strange Tides of the Chitin Isles ~ D&D 5e Seafaring Adventure Campaign

    Welcome sailors to the Chitin Isles, a dangerous archipelago in the southern waters of the Silver Sea. Riddled with pirates, sea monsters, and treasure, its a haven of adventure where many meet their wildest dreams, while others meet Davy Jones. July 2nd will be the session 0 of this campaign, so no character is required as we will be building the characters together, although feel free to have one ready. We will be rolling for stats on that day. For those who join after session zero, characters will be made in level with the party.

  • Tactical Tuesdays (Miniature Casual Free Play)

    Ettin Games and Hobbies

    Get together Every Tuesday for our dedicated miniature night! There will be dedicated tables for casual play, bring your Kill Team, Shadespire, Saga, Blood Bowl and any other tactical minature war game. We have an awesome community looking for games, so any and everyone is welcome!!

  • Storm Kings Thunder

    Ettin Games & Hobbies

    A DnD adventure as the party explores why giants have been attacking towns and villages more then normal.

  • D&D 5th Edition: Land of The Black Sun [Closed]

    "It is the Age of the Shadowfell. It has been 133 years since that unspeakable day, as far as the few remaining sages can accurately reckon. It is a dark land and a dark time. Most of us try to scavenge a meager existence out of the forsaken land, doing our best to avoid the attention of the Old Ones and their mad servants as best we can. Few succeed. The call for heroes is more desperate than ever before. This is the Land of the Black Sun. Will you answer the call?" Land of The Black Sun is an alternative setting for D&D 5th Edition. it will be a grittier, low-magic setting using a number of variant and homebrew rules to give it an eldritch horror feel. I will be using Obsidian Portal to organize the scenarios and communicate to the players week to week, so signing onto the site (which is free) and gaining access to the Land of The Black Sun page will be essential, as will having access to it on game night (a smartphone, tablet or laptop would be a good idea - Ettin's has free WiFi!) Once the group is full, I'll close it until a seat is vacated. Look forward to seeing y'all there!

  • Hobby & Craft Night

    Ettin Games and Hobbies

    Join us every Monday night for miniature painting and gaming related craft projects. Cherry and C.J. will be your hosts and will assist with tips and techniques for your project. Come be a part of this creative and relaxing event.

  • Champions of Trollskull Alley (full)

    Ettin Games & Hobbies

    The city of Waterdeep is vast, and secrets abound above and below. One never knows what may occur next in the City of Splendors, and adventure is always just around the corner.

  • Pokemon League - Sunday Afternoon

    Ettin Games & Hobbies

    Do you want to be the very best, that no one ever was? Join us every Sunday for Pokemon League play! Get tips and deck ideas from seasoned players or just get your Pokemon fix in; either way, it's a great opportunity to have fun and socialize with other players! **the league also meets on Tuesdays - that is handled in another recurring meetup**