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Card games - Euchre, Gin Rummy, 5 Crowns, Cribbage, and other types of games.

Games - Mexican trains, Dominoes, Trivia games or other games

Board games - Scrabble, Boogle, Bananagrams, Ticket to Ride, other games as well.

If you like to play a specific game, please bring it to the event. I will try my best to set it up for play.

Karaoke will be a separate event. Minimal to no games will be played.

Since I do buy games for the meetup, I will ask every third month for donations. This will help find and bring new games.

Upcoming events (4+)

Euchre at The Depot

The Depot Bar

I changed the venue to a quieter place.

I hope you can still join the event.

Euchre at Trident III (White Elephant addition)

Trident Grill III

First of all, I wanted to say thanks for coming to this event for the past year. I am very grateful in knowing you appreciate this weekly event and come enlighten everyone who plays.

For this one, I am setting a white elephant before playing. This will be optional. Yet, I hope you will participate. It may take an hour to complete the event. So, I added an extra hour before playing cards.

Rules: Any item from your house or cost no more than $20 can be a gift. Numbers will be given to all participants as they add a gift to the table. Each number will be called out in sequential order. A gift can be only exchanged twice and the person who had the exchange can pick from another person (except for the one that pick theirs) or gifts that are available in the unselected group. Once the last person picks, the first person will get one more chance for an exchange.

Karaoke at the Bumsted


The start time for Karaoke starts at 8, the place is smaller than the Depot. Yet, there is good food and a nice place to sing.

Games at the Depot

The Depot Bar

I am branching out and want to play board or card games.

I hope you can make it

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Games at the Depot

The Depot Bar

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