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Northwest Arsenal: Shooting Range field trip
This is the redone Baron's Den. They have pistols for rent and you can buy ammunition for your pistols. You can also bring in your own guns to practice. I am setting this up as a recurring meetup but I won't be there each time. If you want to change the time let me know. Here is the website:

Northwest Arsenal

86321 College View Rd · Eugene, or

What we're about

The Eugene Prepper Alliance is a group of people, mostly preppers, that share information, train, and work, to prepare in the event of a local or global catastrophe. We will meet regularly to learn, share information, and ask questions. The idea is to create a group of people, capable of cooperating for the mutual aid and protection of all the members.

With your help and support, we will prepare, survive, and thrive after any local or global catastrophe.

Everyone is welcome. If you fee lost, or are new to Prepping, come to one of our meetings.

In our discussions, we will cover potential disasters such as:

•The Collapse of the World's Economy

•An E.M.P. Attack. (E.M.P. = Electromagnetic Pulse)

•Solar Storms that Fry the Power Grid.

Solar E.M.P.

•Nuclear Attack or Dirty Bomb

•Biological events like Pandemics

•Cyber-Attack on our Power Grid

•The Impending Cascadia Earthquake

•Volcano or even Super-Volcano Eruptions

We will even discuss unlikely scenarios like:

• A.I. Singularity Event

•Alien Invasion

•Zombie Pandemic

•Nano-Tech Attack

•Asteroid Impact

•Super-Tsunami Events

I know those sound crazy but, discussing them will show you the progression of events that many disasters share in the disintegration of a stable civilization. Knowing what to look for and how to react can save your and your family because in a disaster, time matters.

UPDATE August,7 2017

Welcome! Thank you for joining our group! We look forward to meeting and getting to know you! Out of respect for the Organizers and the local businesses we visit, we have a few simple RSVP Rules...

1. We want you to come, and we want you to have fun!

2. If you sign up, show up! If you don't sign up don't show up!

3. After three "No Shows", the Organizers decide whether a member can stay in the group.

4. If you do not attend any groups in a six month period, we may bump you out.

We are Preppers helping Preppers.

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