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Practicing seasonal awareness is a large factor in the study of our lives. Returning to quietness, simplicity, and balance are key elements of becoming more of who we already are.

Taught by Senior Instructor Michael Vasquez. Bio:

Michael Vasquez, lineage instructor, has been a practitioner of the Internal Healing Arts since the age of 16. He began his formal training with the Martial practices at the Kido Institute, Santa Fe, NM, where his training & teaching included classes in: Ji Do Kwan, Tai Chi, Yoga, Chi Gung, Soft Style Kung Fu. The natural development of the practice moved from “external” to “internal”, from martial to healing & health.

As the Instructor & Outreach- Director for the Internal Arts Institute / Taoist Studies Society, located in Santa Fe & San Francisco, he then taught the practices of Taoist Yoga, Tai Chi/Chi Gung, Hshing-I (5 element s) & Chi Gung, at the IAI while continuing his training with the T.S.S. On-going teaching/training led to a more formal relationship with Master Zhou Rhong Qin Tsai, and the Internal Lineage Tradition was brought to America from Taiwan .The focus of the training encompassed wholeness, rehabilitation & "returning to the state of the child" using the traditional methods of Hshing-I, Tai Chi & Ba Gua.

“In the spirit of ‘those who came before me’, we offer any & all of what has been passed as it is appropriate, to those who have the sincere interest. “It is my belief that the Health & Harmonious aspects of the practices are needed to balance the conflicting, competitive and dominate approaches, in these times, with respect to all things connected.”

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