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If you would like to host a Meet Up yourself, please fill out the following form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1N1QYkzDOoM... (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1N1QYkzDOoMRfOzu6LKLcbkpluY663yuE5sTlH6XezpQ/edit) and we will see that it happens!

We are a developing Meet-Up, started by Mike Brunt, a server engineer and Alexandra Bwye, a whole foods nutritionist, both certified permaculture designers. We started this group to discuss permaculture techniques and learn from one another, with Mike's previous farm being used as testing places and local land being transformed into edible landscapes that are low-maintenance and for public usage, in a similar fashion to Incredible Edible Todmorden in England.

Group members have no fees to pay and the financial support will come from public donations. So far we have set up a polytunnel for winter gardening, created 2 keyhole gardens and an herb spiral utilizing hugelkulture, harvested 3 trees worth of apples to learn to use an apple press, brewed our own beer and kombucha, planted grapevines, began mushroom farming, gotten a coop to keep 4 chickens, utilized passive heating to prevent the polytunnel from freezing, added a rainwater harvesting system by the polytunnel, and have added a large solar panel for irrigating the polytunnel with the rainwater. We have had members host Meet Up's and have connected with local efforts implementing urban farms.

We are looking to expand our projects to public land with the help of a group who is interested in learning while doing. If you are interested in joining the group, feel free to check out our website to see what we have worked on so far. www.foodscaping.co.

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Home Energy Solutions

Eugene Public Library - Downtown

Imagine a street full of people carrying grocery bags full of holes, leaking 40% of their food onto the ground, totally oblivious to it. Sounds crazy, right! Yet most homes in Eugene leak that much energy every day. Learn how you can improve your home in this informative, action oriented presentation- for homeowners and renters alike. Topics include best “bang for your buck” efficiency upgrades, heating and cooling options (heat pumps), solar electric systems, and considerations for new construction or remodels. Local experts and businesses will be available for personalized questions after the presentation. About the presenter: Zach Erdmann is owner and operator of Premium Efficiency in Eugene. They specialize in home energy inspections with over 15 years of experience. Zach also trains contractors, offers Quality Assurance Inspections, and is a board member of Home Performance Guild of Oregon.

Riparian Creek-Side Planting Event

Tadpole Manor in Deadwood Camp

On Sunday Mar 23 we will plant over 80 small native trees, willow cuttings and shrubs at Tadpole Manor, a permaculture development of what was once part of the largest strawberry farm in the Lake Creek Valley. Afterward we'll have a potluck lunch, with a big pot of hearty vegetarian soup guaranteed. Planting will begin by 10 AM, with lunch after 1 PM. There may be some pros from the Watershed Council participating as well. Tadpole Manor is on Nelson Mt. Road, off of Hwy 36, west of Triangle Lake and East of Deadwood. Nelson Creek is protected critical salmon spawning habitat, and also hosts an active beaver population. The creek is rapidly down-cutting and the riparian zone has been severely impacted by farming and logging. Sophia Ross has been working with the Siuslaw Watershed Council for over 6 years planting suitable native species supplied by the council, while reducing the dominance of infamous non-natives such as English Ivy, Giant Knotweed and "Himalayan" blackberry and restoring the 3.5 acres to production of veggies and fruits. She is a founding vendor of value-added farm products at the Deadwood Farmers Market.

First Annual Seed Swap & Plant Share!

Neighborhood Assembly of God Church

We had to re-schedule this due to inclement weather. This looks very exciting to us..."Eugene faith-based urban farming initiative, NAOG Garden, announces its first annual Seed Swap and Plant Share - a free event open to “neighbors” of all gardening skill levels." Here is a little more detail https://naoggarden.tendfarm.com/

Monthly Meet & Greet

Needs a location

• What we'll do Come one, come all! We are hosting a new monthly Meet & Greet at various hosts’ house. Please join us for a vegetarian lunch potluck - bring brunch/lunch snacks or beverages if you like. Children are very welcome. We're looking forward to hearing what dreams and/or projects you guys are working on and connecting the dots of the amazing Eugene community!

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Monthly Meet & Greet

Benjamin Street

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