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Teal Explorer's Meet-Up
One of our members will start out the discussion with a topic related to "Teal" Organizations (as described in the book Reinventing Organizations by Frederick Laloux). As a group we then delve into the topic to better understand the Teal model and how we might apply it in the world.

RAIN Eugene

942 Olive St. · Eugene, OR

What we're about

Our group meets twice a month to explore organizational design possibilities, inspired by the book Reinventing Organizations (by Frederic Laloux). We gather for mutual learning, exploration, and conversation on these ideas, 1st & 3rd Friday afternoons at RAIN downtown (4:30-6pm). Explanatory links available on the "teal" page at Tree's website. (

Our current structure for most of our meetups is to start with short check-ins or introductions by each person (depending on number of new & old attendees present), followed by a presentation or activity of some kind led by one of our members that offers information on a teal theme and allows for interaction and conversation for learning. Leaders sign up ahead for topic areas. We occasionally vary this structure, for example to focus on a particular case study organizational example brought by one of our members, or to take advantage of out-of-town guests with expertise passing through.

We have made a list of areas we want to further explore; thus most of the learning themes are selected from this list, based on the passion and energy of whoever offers to present.

Our short-list of areas to learn more about from a teal perspective (always open for revision):

• culture & values
• onboarding & ongoing training
• transparency
• accountability & performance management
• conflict resolution
• coaching
• organizational structure
• natural hierarchy
• project teams
• decision-making & power distribution
• meetings
• advice process
• team-building
• objectives & targets, metrics, feedback loops
• focus on excellence
• change management
• compensation

These areas intertwine with the main underlying teal principles:

1. evolutionary purpose
2. wholeness
3. self-management

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