What we're about

This group gathers to support one another in exploring and applying design possibilities that lead to thriving organizations.

We were originally inspired by the book Reinventing Organizations (https://www.reinventingorganizations.com/) by Frederic Laloux. Until the pandemic arrived, we were meeting 1st & 3rd Friday afternoons at RAIN downtown (4:30-6pm), 942 Olive St. For now, we meet online, at the same time slot.

If you are not yet familiar with these ideas, you may find it useful to read the "teal" page at Tree's website (http://treegroup.info/resources/teal.html).

Our current structure for most of our meetups starts with short check-ins or introductions by each person (depending on number of new & old attendees present). This is followed by a short presentation or activity related to an interesting or inspiring organizational design theme, led by one of our members and allowing for plenty of interaction and conversation for learning. Leaders sign up ahead for topic areas. We occasionally vary this structure, for example to focus on a particular case study organizational example brought by a member, or to take advantage of out-of-town guests with expertise passing through.

We have made a list of areas we want to further explore; thus many of the learning themes are selected from this list, based on the passion and energy of whoever offers to present.

Our short-list of areas to learn more about from a "teal" perspective (always open for revision):

• culture & values
• onboarding & ongoing training
• transparency
• accountability & performance management
• conflict resolution
• coaching
• organizational structure
• natural hierarchy
• project teams
• decision-making & power distribution
• meetings
• advice process
• team-building
• objectives & targets, metrics, feedback loops
• focus on excellence
• change management
• compensation

• moments of transformation

These areas intertwine with the main underlying "teal" principles:

1. evolutionary purpose
2. wholeness
3. self-management

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Teal and Accountability

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