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Hi. I’m Kim, founder of Euphoria by Design (http://www.euphoriabydesign.com). I help men, women and couples create the life that they desire.

Euphoria By Design (http://www.euphoriabydesign.com) is built on the belief that you can design your life in a way to have exactly what you want.

At Euphoria By Design (http://www.euphoriabydesign.com), I believe that adults truly learn through play along the way. We do this through games, practices, group discussions, and coaching circles. For a deeper commitment to growth, we can create a coaching package that is tailored to your personal interests, desires, and life!

At Euphoria by Design (http://www.euphoriabydesign.com), we believe:

• That each and every one of us can create the life that we desire for ourselves.

• That heathy, holistic living practices are the key to success.

• That exquisite attention through desire-based coaching can create the fuel to live a turned on life.

• That we all can discover a balance of consciousness practices to clear out the old and make room for new.

• That each one of us can reach our goals with compassionate and supportive accountability.

I believe that this is possible for each one of us.

If you would like to know more, please message me here or email me at kim@kimholden.com or go to http://www.kimholden.com or www.euphoriabydesign.com (http://www.euphoriabydesign.com/)

In addition, I put out a weekly newsletter. You can sign up for that here (http://eepurl.com/b0svq9).

Upcoming events (3)

Feminine Alchemy ReTreat

1429 Creek Springs Dr

Join us in a 24- hour weekend crucible of rich connection with other women and the power of feminine alchemy! Create a sanctuary for our thoughts, feelings, and bodies where we... play in the depths of our soul dance up to our joy feel heard, seen, and accepted examine our receptivity find the source of creating internal harmony discover how to empower our gifts nurture the eternal yearning towards love! RELEASE: Find your free feminine power! REVEAL: joy, beauty, power, tenderness REVEL: in the divine connection of goddess energy in communion! We will have nourishment, play and movement all with tools and practices to release, reveal and revel! Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/feminine-alchemy-retreat-tickets-70231148255 Sponsored by: Kim Holden & Martha Marin

Cuddle Party ™ in Irving with Kent Possible

Private residence in Irving near 183 and Belt Line

For Tickets/RSVP's, click here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cuddle-party-tm-in-irving-with-kent-possible-tickets-69586329585 One of the most important things any of us can learn in relationships is the art of setting and respecting - or even celebrating - healthy boundaries. Even/especially when the other person is saying "no". That is at the core of what Cuddle Parties are about (in addition to platonic cuddling!). When we have the freedom to answer from true authenticity, there is no wrong question, no wrong request. So, let's learn how to create the kind of world we all want to live in.

Intimate Bondage: Beginner 101

Private Residence

Almost everyone has heard about Fifty Shades of Grey... read the book series or watched the movies. Some have even ventured out to find what they saw that excited or sparked their curiosity. But for many, there was just too little or much conflicting information. How would like to safely explore your interests in a private setting? Curious about bondage? Wonder what could be sexy about rope? Ready for a new erotic taste in your life? Join Dr. Michael Harris & Kim Holden for an afternoon of creating fun, mischief and play! We will share demos, instruction, and lots of hands-on opportunities to explore this captivating and sensual play! We are the perfect blend of tantric connection and kinky play! 101 which means that ANYONE can attend and have fun and learn! Get your ticket and bring a friend! This will also serve as the introduction for a Shibari 201 workshop to be offered in November. FOR YOUR PLEASURE: * basic introduction to kink/BDSM * safeporting * negotiation with requests and offers * consent, safe words, aftercare * safety procedures * building trust * creating awareness of power * delectable play to bring out your full erotic and sensual self * types of rope * Simple rope bondage techniques * scene planning * demonstrations! * individual instruction as a top and bottom - experiencing from every angle! * extensive handout with instructions for the techniques covered in the workshop WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: - You will receive one hank of rope for FREE for each paid participant. - Additional rope will be available for discounted purchase! - Your consent form will be signed with registration. - Wear comfortable clothing - Bring yoga mats/blankets/pillows to create a delicious space on the floor. - Bring a partner or take the opportunity to partner with someone at the event. - Make certain your calendar show you as “tied up” for this afternoon! - Registration is required before the event so get your name on your seat! REGISTER HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/intimate-bondage-beginners-101-tickets-65830092579 Early bird pricing continues through October 1st! $69 per person/$99 per couple After October 1st, the prices will be: $89 per person/$129 per couple ABOUT THE PRESENTERS: Michael Harris, PhD is a practicing hypnotherapist with over 20 plus years of working with and within the alternative lifestyles. He is an accomplished rope practitioner who teaches multiple classes and intensives for shibari, kimbau (erotic rope), couples communication and negotiation, and erotic hypnosis for singles and couples. He has been teaching this "rope for sex 101 & 201" class for the past 5 years and presents in multiple alternative lifestyle demographics Kim Holden is an intimacy and relationship coach who guides singles and couples who feel unworthy and invisible to being powerful, confident and sexy! She holds exquisite space for clients to open up and access their authentic pleasure and truth. She trains and holds a sacred sexuality community in the Dallas area with my partner. She teaches classes and events are designed to create the safe space to open and reveal for learning and fun! She is a competing athlete and supports people on a healthy journey of improving their lives one step at a time.

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