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This is a group to inform expats in Amsterdam (or anywhere in Holland) about our newest theatre festival: Europatralala: A European week for lovers, haters and dummies (1-5 October 2019). Are you interested in international theatre, politics and the subject of Europe and the EU? Join the group and gather more information!

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De Eurocommissaris - mugmetdegoudentand (NL)

Theater Bellevue

Show #1 of theatre festival Europatralala A few years ago, I realised I knew very little about the European Union. That struck me, considering the importance and power of Brussels. So I did some research and made a show about the EU and a fictional Dutch European Commissioner. But then, I realised that my monologue arose entirely from my Dutch point of view. Is a democratic Europe even possible, if, subconsciously, we remain so rabidly nationalistic? - Joan Nederlof In De Eurocommissaris, fictional European commissioner Charlotte Hajenius gives the audience a glimpse into the inaccessible politics and conflicting values of Europe. Is the dream of a democratic, united Europe even possible if Member States persistently put their own agenda first? Charlotte Hajenius takes the audience on a humorous journey through her thoughts and tribulations. A must-see for everyone who feels involved with Europe and the EU, for who doesn’t, and for who has a persistent blind spot when it comes to that matter.

Trojan Mare - Story Hub (LT)

Theater Bellevue

Show #2 of theatre festival Europatralala What happens when a person with limited capabilities is given a power? Does society has the responsibility in this process? The play is based on the character of Iveta Grigule, Member of the European Parliament representing Latvia from[masked]. On December 2017, according to the ranking website MEPRanking.eu, Grigule was ranked as the least effective Latvian MEP and one of the least effective members of the European Parliament in general.

Mr. Moedas wants to see the world - Companhia João Garcia Miguel (PT)

Show #3 of theatre festival Europatralala It all started in Cairo where I was approached by a Dutch friend. The purpose: Europe and the theater. How the theater can serve as an instrument so the paths of the world open and multiply? How the theater can tell the history of Europe from the point of view of a Portuguese Alentejano from Beja? Future Europe is to be made up of many stories that are yet to be told. This is a project about those stories. It was born, not by accident, in Netherlands where the Dutch spend time questioning Europe and generally the policies of Dutch politicians. Now, it came to Portugal, Italy, Romania and Latvia, finding new partners and new stories there. It is a project on Europeans and their multiple visions and identities in dialogue. We interviewed the current Portuguese commissioner in Brussels, Engineer Carlos Moedas. We depart in search of men and women who dream and or dreamed of a different world. Their stories, emotions and ideas are the sources of the show, which is wanted as an opening moment. An instant of reflection on the many nodes of which Europe is made. This will be the place and the time we seek for this naked work about the men and women of flesh and blood.

Play - La Confraternita del Chianti (IT)

Theater Bellevue

Show #4 of theatre festival Europatralala Did you know that you could call on the European Commission to make a legislative proposal through the European Citizens' Initiative? You just need signatories from 7 European countries, determination and a good communication strategy. We’ll plan the strategy, the rest we can do together: choose a theme, listen to the pros and cons, find supporters, persuade your European Commissioner and make your voice heard in Brussels. Play is a show. Play is a performance. Play is a game, but not an easy one. Play is a challenge: audience and artists together, a legislative proposal for the European Commission, less than an hour… And once you’re back home, make sure the proposal gets accepted. Because theatre means participation and active citizenship. And it doesn't end at the end of the show.

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