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I have decided to re-name and re-define this group to encompass all those people who have been raised in the West including the USA, Canada, New Zealand etc or have a very western outlook. This group is specifically for those individuals (either Muslim or non-Muslim with different levels of religiousosity), who either voted for the UK to remain in the European Union (EU), or would have voted his way if they had been eligible to vote. Also this group is for people who are interested in how Politics affects Muslims worldwide as well as the current USA President's views regarding Muslims and other minorities. Please do not request to join this group if you voted Brexit or refuse to answer the questions regarding your vote on the EU and on Donald Trump as your request will be declined. Hence there will be a strict admission policy and all requests to join will be strongly vetted.

Please be truthful in your responses to questions, because I will have no qualms about banning people from this group if they have misled or lied to me. Further any racist, misogynistic or abusive language will not be tolerated and I will have no hesitation in excluding people from this group for any form of misbehaviour.

People are also invited to share their experiences before and after Brexit if they feel comfortable in doing so. There will be no pressure or coercion for people to discuss anything if they do not wish to, and you are welcome to just listen to others speak.

I will also be arranging meetups and forwarding some details of Events and Seminars for information only on how the UK's removal from the EU will impact on Muslims living in this country. This also includes the impact on Muslims from other parts of Europe who are currently residing in the UK and their uncertain status. I will try to arrange meetups where we can discuss general politics in the West and how this impacts on Muslims and other minorities. I will try to combine these talks by arranging trips to Comedy Shows, Art Galleries and day trips to nearby cities etc with and without a focus on politics.

I would also be grateful for any suggestions anyone may have including details of any events, talks and seminars that you think would be useful.

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