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Love interesting conversations about the arts and sciences? This group is inspired by my experiences in a small university town, where it was easy to meet up with musicians, historians, scientists, et al. who love sharing their love of interesting topics and hear about others. A casual environment where one can be pleasantly stimulated. It seems a bit more difficult to do this in a big-city environment, as folks may commute to distant workplaces, so this group is intended, roughly, for north-of-Chicago dwellers.

The idea is to engage in casual sharing of interesting topics, from Astronomy and Cosmology, to Existentialism, to History (of various topics), to Music, to Photography, to Physics, to Psychology, etc. Not so much on sports, ephemeral trends, negativity, etc. We'd hope to avoid slide-shows of one's vacation, etc., unless it tied tightly in with arts and science topics that non-travelers could also enjoy. This is not meant to be an "experts" group or one for preening, but enjoying each others' contributions.

Unlike "tighter" groups, this one could wend this way and that and conform to the interests of active (meeting) people.

Please let me know if you'd like this sort of north-side group. I'll announce an initial meeting when enough folks respond to the meeting-time Poll (under the More tab).

Thanks for your interest...

Charlie Miller, Evanston IL.

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