What we're about

Are you over 60?
Are you ready to begin a new journey into the next phase of your life?
Is age just a number to you?
Do you still believe you can make a change?
Are alternative lifestyles the norm for you?
Do you believe that tattoos and piercing are body art not just for the young?
Do you believe you are a guardian to Mother Earth?
Do you believe you can still learn?
Do you believe that women and men are equal?

Much like the Women's Collectives of the '60's, the People's Collective will be a place for women and men to exchange ideas, offer suggestions on how to meet aging head-on and share life stories with one another. Age isolates people. Loneliness seems to be a major hazard to aging. Let's make a difference to each other's lives, as well as, maybe change the perception of what it is to grow old in our society.

This group will meet once a month in southeast Evanston in the evening. Please be ready to be an active participant. Location TBD.

Because Meet-Up charges organizers a fee, I am asking for a donation of $5 from each person attending.

Upcoming events (1)

January 2020 Meeting - Facing a New Decade

Needs a location


At our first meeting, we'll introduce ourselves and discuss what our expectations are for the group.

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