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The Evening of Emergence includes a fabulous dinner, panel, and interactive professional development. The evening creates a portal for something big and brand new. This group is created especially for women (and woman-identified) startup founders and organizational leaders. Men are welcome as well!

You don’t need to do it all alone. What a refreshing experience.
What you create and contribute in relationship with other extraordinary women is much greater that what you can do by yourself. Together, we will build businesses, organizations, and lives that are more satisfying and impactful than each of us would alone!

Emergence coaching is a co-creative process, one built on relationship. We delve into the power of the six Emergence Essentials: Vulnerability, which develops Visibility and clarity. You listen to and amplify your authentic Voice, and own your inherent and unique Value. When these four vertices align, tremendous Velocity and Victoriousness occur.

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