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Our current hours are:

Mon-Thurs: Noon-6PM

Fri-Sun: Noon-10PM

$5 per table to sit down and play! No time cap, and seat limitations extend to the seats available at the table. Please do not move seats thanks!

We're a broad spectrum gaming community in the Garner/Raleigh area

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Tiger's Realm(Non-AL 5e) Elemental Genasis

Event Horizon Gamestore

Tiger's Realm(Non-AL 5e) Elemental Genasis is an ongoing persistent campaign using multiple characters across many adventures. Currently the adventure is venturing towards the Descent into Avernus. Previously conquering the Dragon of Icespire Peak and tackling the Village of Homlett, the party has managed to wrestle control of two strongholds from evil monstrous foes and has made very powerful enemies. A new group of heroes heeds the call to adventure and glory. If interested in joining, please send me a pm for instructions and requirements.

(On Hiatus due to Covid-19) D&D Adventurer's League

Event Horizon Gamestore

Due to the spread of Covid-19 our gaming tables and play areas are currently closed. We are Still open for retail purposes. What started as Wednesday Night Adventurer's League has expanded into many session across the week! Check out the event schedule, and signup for sessions here! https://warhorn.net/events/event-horizon-adventurers-league/schedule/2019/09 Happy Gaming!

Dungeon Master/Game Master Discussion

Event Horizon Gamestore

Any one interested in learning how to DM or has been DMing games for ages is welcome. Maybe you would like to learn new techniques or have some tips and tricks to share advice to give. Come on down to Event Horizon. Learn and teach. I am asking everyone interested in joining the discussion to bring 3 ideas, tips, or tricks you use to improve your games for your players. Do you have a particular resource, software, or maybe some old school idea that works for you come and share and lets try to make the next batch of DMs games a bit easier to run.

(On Hiatus due to Covid019) The Colosseum: Kill Team, Warcry, Necromunda

Due to the spread of Covid-19 our gaming tables and play areas are currently closed. We are Still open for retail purposes. JOIN US IN THR COLOSSEUM!!!!!! Do you love skirmish gaming, are you looking for a place to meet new players and play games with friends? Then come join us Thuraday nights at Event Horizon Games at 6pm. We play a variety of games including Kill Teams, WarCry, Shadow War Armageddon, Necromunda, and BattleTech.

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