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This is a group for anyone interested in talking about recommender systems, startup life, machine learning and much more. We'll be calling speakers from our network to speak, and more!

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Previous Meetup Slides:
Recommender Systems from A to Z - The Right Dataset: https://www.slideshare.net/CrossingMinds/recommender-systems-from-a-to-z-the-right-dataset

Recommender Systems from A to Z – Model Training: https://www.slideshare.net/CrossingMinds/recommender-systems-from-a-to-z-model-training

Recommender Systems from A to Z – Model Evaluation: https://www.slideshare.net/CrossingMinds/recommender-systems-from-a-to-z-model-evaluation

About Crossing Minds
Focused on empathetic understanding in Artificial Intelligence, Crossing Minds uses deep collaborative filtering and semantic graph embedding to understand people’s preferences from cross-platform data sets. Crossing Minds leverages machine learning methods and deep content extraction from text or image data using natural language processing and convolutional neural networks, to make personalized recommendations. Crossing Minds brings the best of academia to the people.

About Hai
Hai, the first product from Crossing Minds, is the first pure cross-domain recommendation engine. As an ad-free and unbiased iOS and web app, it generates the best, personalized recommendations in categories ranging from movies, music, books, TV shows, video games and restaurants - with further channels in development. Hai also connects these recommendations across multiple platforms which users can prioritize based on their preferences. Each hai is fully trainable, taking into account individual preferences, tastes and ratings. Crossing Minds takes privacy and security seriously, and built Hai with the interests of its users in mind, bringing them unique value based on how they interact with and teach it.

Alexandre Robicquet (CEO)
Alexandre received 3 degrees in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics and had his first publication at the age of 21. He obtained his two first Masters degrees in Mathematics and Machine Learning at the age of 23 from one of the most prestigious French University (ENS Paris Saclay) and was offered a full scholarship to Stanford to pursue a third Master degree in Artificial Intelligence. He also held two positions as a Research Assistant for 4 years under Sebastian Thrun (founder of Google X) and Silvio Savarese. His work on statistical learning and deep learning recurrently tackled the problematic of predicting human behavior (UCLA - [Crime Prediction Analysis] or Stanford - [Jackrabot project, predicting human behaviors in the middle of a crowd and learning how to socially navigate]). He turned down the opportunity to do his PhD to focus entirely on Crossing Minds and Hai.

Emile Contal (CTO)
Emile Contal completed his PhD in Statistical Learning in 2017 from ENS Paris-Saclay, the most prestigious French university for applied maths. The impact of his research is witnessed by numerous citations from both the top conferences of machine learning and many other industries. The algorithms he invented are now implemented in several software libraries used by thousands. At the age of 26, with more than 6 international publications, he turned down the opportunity to pursue a post doctorate at Oxford University to focus entirely on Crossing Minds and Hai.

Sebastian Thrun (advisor)
Professor Dr.-mult. Sebastian Thrun pursues research on robotics, artificial intelligence, education, human computer interaction, and medical devices. He founded Google’s self driving car team, after winning the DARPA Grand Challenge. Together with Peter Norvig, Thrun developed the first global MOOC with 160,000 students enrolled. Google Scholar ranks Thrun’s publication h-index #14 worldwide in all of computer science. Thrun also founded Google X, where he founded Google Glass among many other projects. He was elected into the National Academy of Engineering and the German Academy of Sciences at age 39. Thrun founded and sold a number of tech companies, including Udacity (valued at over $1B) and KittyHawk. Fast Company named Thrun the fifth most creative person in business, and Foreign Policy touted him Global Thinker #4. He won numerous awards, including the Max Planck Research Award.

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Recommender Systems from A to Z – Model Training

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Recommender Systems from A to Z – The Right Dataset

Crossing Minds Inc

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