What we're about

Group Purpose: We are all members and hosts of Revel (www.hellorevel.com), a new site that helps women 50+ host events on topics of their choice with women who want to learn from their expertise.

Our Community Rules:
Must be female or identify as female
Must be 50 years old or older
Must treat all others in the community with respect
All members are allowed to sign up for any listed gathering, no exclusions allowed

Our Events:
Anyone within our community can propose and sign up to host an event, on any topic. We have events happening every week all across the SF Bay Area. Events range from film screenings to print making to small group conversations in each other's living rooms.

Past events (4)

Picnic in Golden Gate Park

Peacock Meadow

Hike through Edgewood Park

Edgewood Park & Natural Preserve

Lunch and Walk Around the Garden

Allied Arts Guild

A Film Screening at Stanford

McMurtry Building

Photos (4)