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Thank you Meetup for helping us spread the word about Revel, a new platform designed just for women 50+. Shut out, shut in, left behind...no more. Revel is building a nation-wide community for women our age, helping us to connect with others who share our life experiences.

We charge a monthly fee of $10 (or $7.50 per month if paid yearly) so that we can be ad-free and never reveal your data to third parties. Sign up for a 2-month free trial, no payment info asked. After 2 months, your account will auto-expire unless you choose to stay on.

Click here to start your 2 free months.

Now, you can choose to attend over 150 free monthly events. Or create your own event. Find a member who lives near you, start a coffee klatch or a book club. Search for members who share your passions. Create online meetings where you can invite your friends old and new to discuss any and everything that’s important to you.

There are 59 million women in this country aged 50 and over. We’re in big cities, suburbs, small towns, and rural enclaves. But while we’re everywhere, we’re hard to find. Hidden in our homes, lost in dreary routines, or trapped in obligations that fail to bring joy. With children grown, and careers winding down, this is our time to revel in the rest of our lives.

We Revelers create a welcoming environment where we can share our joys, fears, concerns, and common spirit. Now is the perfect time to revel with us!

Upcoming events (2)

New Member Mixer

Online event

New to the group? Connect virtually with other new Revelers who joined around the same time you joined! There will be a guided walkthrough of the Revel website including your profile, the dashboard, the forums and most importantly how to sign up for an event. You’ll learn about The Daily Revel, the new casual drop-in with no RSVP needed chat that happens Monday through Saturday. You will also meet and hear from Revelers sharing their experience and tips for maximizing Revel. To RSVP for this event, first join Revel at www.hellorevel.com and then sign up for the event at https://hellorevel.com/events/d1d8dd8e-7f17-44b4-a0fb-7d9e0b1b570f.

Revel Entrepreneur 2021 Kickoff: Make a Vision Board

Online event

A vision board is a gift to yourself, to focus your brain on your dreams. If you've not made a vision board before, it's simply a physical or digital collage of images/quotes that depict what you want to be/do/achieve in your life. There are guidelines but no rules, and you don't have to be an artist. Feel free to approach this event as a learning session or to complete your vision board. Once you sign up, I'll email you prep ideas and links, as well as prompts to get your juices flowing. (Hint: start dreaming, and write stuff down!) To sign up for this event, first join Revel at www.hellorevel.com (you can try it out free for two months!) and then RSVP for the event at https://hellorevel.com/events/e5f2a833-9fb1-44eb-9063-7df1487149f3.

Past events (9)

Quarantini Happy Hour

Online event

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