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Welcome to EverWanderWhy! This is a group dedicated to endurance sports, the outdoors, and a healthy life. There will be a focus on long distance endurance events including ones led by me and races or events hosted by others that I'm joining.

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Pemi Loop

Lincoln Woods Trailhead

This loop runs over some of the highest and most scenic mountains in New Hampshire, including the Franconia and Garfield Ridges. the Twinway and the Bonds. Much of the route is above treeline and is quite vulnerable to high winds and sudden localized weather disruptions. Climate in the White Mountains is unpredictable, and often it changes from the forecast so, please, plan accordingly and bring winter gear even if mild temperatures are expected, "just in case". We will start and finish hiking at the Lincoln Woods Trailhead. We will do the loop clockwise. No need for carpooling. Total Distance: 31 miles Total Elevation Gain: 9,750 ft. We will pass by the Galehead Hut. Unfortunately, the hut will be closed for the year. Water source: Spring at Garfield Ridge Campground, between the Garfield and Galehead mountains, 13.2 miles and 6,300 ft elevation gain from the start. The Galehead and West Bond mountains are NOT on the loop, but they are not far away from it. They are not required but many hikers do them to bag those peaks. Doing these mountains will add 1 mile and about 300 ft of elevation gain each. Hike description: We start on the flat Lincoln Woods trail for 1.25 miles and then we turn left onto the Osseo trail for 3.75 miles until it ends at the Franconia Ridge trail. Soon after we emerge from the trees to reach the top of Flume Mtn where we can start admiring the majestic views. After that we go below tree line again and soon after we reach Liberty Mtn. We continue on the Ridge which becomes also the Appalachian Trail after intersecting the Liberty Spring trail on the left. Subsequently we climb above tree line and reach the top of Little Haystack Mtn (not on the list of NH-48, even though it is above 4,000 ft), with Falling Waters trail to the left. We continue on the Franconia Ridge trail (also AT) and reach Lincoln and Lafayette Mtns, with several false summits in between. At this point we've reached the end of the Franconia Ridge. To the left it's the Greenleaf trail, but we continue ahead on the now Garfield Ridge trail (still AT). After several ups and downs we reach the top of Mt Garfield. We've done 12.8 miles and about 6,250 ft of elevation gain so far. Still on the Garfield Ridge we reach a spring at the campground where we can replenish our water supply. After that, we come across the Franconia Brook trail to the right (bailout option) and then we reach the Galehead hut (closed for the season), which also signifies the end of the Ridge. On the opposite side of the hut it's the Frost trail which can take hikers on an optional out-and-back climb to Galehead Mtn (not part of the Pemi Loop). This trail can also be taken to reach the Twin Brook trail, which is our second and final bailout outlet. From the hut we start the long climb to South Twin Mtn. We are now on the Twinway, also part of the AT. From South Twin we go until we reach a spur to Guyot Mtn. Now we are on the Bondcliff trail and it will take us to the Guyot shelter and then the West Bond Spur. This side trail is also not part of the loop, but it can be taken to reach the top of West Bond on an out-and-back. Continuing on Bondcliff we climb Mt Bond and further ahead Bondcliff Mtn, the last of our NH-48ers (no more climbing!). We are at about 22 miles from the start. From here we have the long, and somewhat boring, descent to the Lincoln Woods trail that will take us back to our cars. Bailout 1) Between Garfield and Galehead Mtns, take the Franconia Brook trail to the 13 Falls Campground and then the Lincoln Woods trail back to the cars. Bailout 2) At the Galehead hut, take Frost trail to Twin Brook trail to 13 Falls. Then same as above. GPX tracks: https://www.gaiagps.com/datasummary/track/6c5d7fd1-4cde-41b7-8486-0fca1bdc26af/ Lincoln Woods trailhead GPS coordinates: [masked], [masked]) Please, practice social distancing while hiking. Also, please accept our important liability waiver, as a comment below (no room to fit here).

Batona Trail Races - Trail Run - 33 or 55 Miles

Lake Absegami day use area

https://batonatrailraces.com/batona-trail-races The 55 miler starts at 6am on October 10th, 2020 at the northern terminus of the Batona Trail in Ong's Hat. The 33 miler starts at 8am on October 10th, 2020 at Carranza Memorial in Tabernacle, NJ. -----Race Day Parking/Directions----- All participants will park at the Lake Absegami Day Use Parking Lot in Bass River State Forest and will be transported to the start via shuttle. Participants can be dropped off at either start line, but there is NO PARKING at the start areas. -----Shuttles----- To help facilitate transportation logistics for this point-to-point run, shuttle buses will be provided the morning of the race. Shuttles will transport the runners from the finish line area to the start lines. 55 miler - Shuttles will leave the finish area at Lake Absegami Day Use Parking Area at 4:30am to transport runners to the start. 33 miler - Shuttles will leave the finish area at Lake Absegami Day Use Parking Area at 6:30am to transport runners to the start. There will be NO shuttles back to the start from the finish at the end of the race. -----Course Marking----- The entire Batona Trail is marked with pink blazes. At the southern terminus of the Batona Trail (approximately mile 53.0) tape, flagging and race signs will be used to direct participants along a 1.5 mile stretch to the parking lot at Lake Absegami Day Use Area in Bass River State Forest. -----Aid Stations----- There will be eight well stocked aid stations with standard ultra fare including, but not limited to: water, Gatorade, soda, pretzels, candy, chips etc. -----Drog Bags----- Drop bags will be available at 2 aid stations along the course: Carranza Memorial/Start of the 33 miler (mile 21.5) and Evan’s Bridge (mile 43.1 of the 55 miler/mile 21.6 of the 33 miler). Participants should clearly label their drop bags with their NAME and AID STATION / MILEAGE and leave them at the Start. All bags will make their way to the Finish line as aid stations close down. -----Pacers----- No pacers are permitted for this event. -----Cutoffs/Time Limits----- Time limit is 14 hours for the 55 miler and 12 hours for the 33 milers. All participants must be finished by 8pm. -----Cutoffs----- 11:25 am - Aid Station 4/mile 21.5 (start of the 33 miler) 2:30 pm - Aid Station 6/mile 33.9 (55)/mile 12.4 (33) 4:50 pm - Aid Station 7/mile 43.1 (55)/mile 21.6 (33) 8 pm - Finish Cutoff times have been implemented for the safety of participants and volunteers. No participants will be permitted to leave an aid station after the cutoff has passed. NO EXCEPTIONS. -----Elevation----- The 55 Mile course has an elevation gain of 750' and a loss of 821'. It is nearly pancake FLAT with the high point being at Apple Pie Hill (mile 17.5) at an elevation of 176'. The 33 Mile course has an elevation gain of 483' and a loss of 539'. It is nearly pancake FLAT with the high point being at 79' just before the 1 mile mark. -----Awards, Swag Etc.----- Race Swag for all registered participants, Finishers item and Top 3 Overall Male & Female in both distances will receive custom awards -----Qualification----- All participants wishing to run the 55 mile distance must have completed at least one official trail race of 50k or longer. Participants must enter their qualifying race, date and distance at the time of registration. -----Accommodations----- Near the Start: Camping is available in the Brendan T. Byrne State Forest, which is located approximately 15 minutes from the start of the 55 miler. Tent campsites and yurts are available. Click here for more information. Near the Finish: Camping is available at Pilgrim Lake Campground and Bass River State Forest. -----Refunds, Deferrals, Distance Changes & Transfers----- NO REFUNDS OR DEFERRALS. Transfers and distance changes allowed until 9/10/20. Last day to cancel without showing a DNS on ultrasignup is 10/6/20.

Devil's Path Traverse

Spruceton Road Trailhead

24.5 miles and 8,300 ft of elevation gain! We will be doing this traverse East to West, starting on Prediger Rd and ending on Spruceton Rd. The mid-point is on Rt 214, by the Devil's Tombstone Campground. We will meet on Spruceton Rd (end of hike) and carpool to the beginning on Prediger Rd. The DP trail is marked entirely in red. It is starting to get cold, so bring layers, so you can adjust your body temperature to the conditions. Gloves and a wool hat are also recommended. You might end up hiking in the dark so, please, bring a headlamp. There will be no hiking leader nor sweeper. People will hike at their own pace and the group is likely to spread out right after the start. It is recommended to find a hiking buddy that matches your speed, but you should be prepared to be alone for some, if not all, of the hike. Water sources: 1) Slightly after reaching Plateau Mtn, there used to be a pipe with water flowing. The pipe might be gone now, but the water is still coming down. There is no sign for it, but when you start seeing water on the ground, it means you are close. 2) On the Devil's Tombstone Campground, off Rt 214, there's a spigot, but it might be turned off at this time of the year (campground is closed). Bailout: After the descent from Hunter Mtn, instead of making a left turn over the West Kill River and continuing to West Kill and St Anne's Mtns, you can go straight on the blue trail (Diamond Notch trail) for 1 mile until you reach the end of Spruceton Rd. A quick walk on this road will take you to your car. GPX tracks: https://www.gaiagps.com/map/?loc=11.5/-74.3341/42.1591&popupLoc=-74.21000/42.15277&trackId=9c738ade566408073011a09e34de3108&pubLink=PPD7jGuPA0t3zeX1LCSfEj7D Meeting place and end of hike: Spruceton Road Trail Head Spruceton Rd 1589 Co Rd 6, West Kill, NY[masked], [masked] Start of hike: Prediger Road Trail Head Elka Park, NY[masked], [masked] Please, practice social distancing while hiking. Be early; we will leave on time. Cell reception is spotty, at best, in the Catskills. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You agree when you sign up for this event, or any other event from this group, that you have read and understood the below. If you join us for a hike (or any other event), please understand that you are responsible for your own preparedness and well-being and will hold no one else liable in case of injury or mishap. You agree not to hold the Organizer, Assistant Organizers, or any other members responsible for any injuries, mishaps, or any other situation that may happen at a planned event. You are responsible to research the event, know the area, and bring the proper gear. Your attendance on this hike signifies that you have read and accepted the terms of this liability waiver.

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Mahoosuc Range Traverse

Rattle River Trailhead

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