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EverettLive events is the go to place for outdoor Live entertainment. Learn to Strategize, Plan, and execute outdoor venues with success.
Today's Concerts, EDM Festivals, State Fairs, Street Events, Block parties, all offer Largest Format Marketing and Branding unlike limited space indoors.
During winter months we focus on concept gear how it's used, during the summer months we will hold real sessions on live events.
This space is limited so don't miss out, you will be with real performers, famous performers, and up coming performers.
Our whole purpose is to give you insight on how to Give clients value, treat the artists or acts with respect and proper gear, and last but not least, to leave spectators with a positive unforgettable experience, Using all 5 senses, sometimes even 6, thru Sound, Sight, taste, dance, and scent.
Raw energy comes in many forms in outdoor venues, The earth, Sun, trees, water are the most powerful forces, Now lets add a little music, light show, and dance away.
There is no outdoor learning center anywhere in America. The outdoor festival market is growing, more and more EDM, New Rock bands, 5k, 10k runs, let's not forget all the A list acts are booking outdoor open air venues as we like to call them.
Who should attend, Future event producers, Event production pros, Marketing agency's, any and all looking for outdoor event planing. Open forum Q&A will set up the pace so all will benefit.
Here are a few typical attendees, LOL there are no typical, all are welcomed, we will explain thought plan action concepts, How to create a marketable concept, how to draw a site plan, or renderings (for those graphic pros), Advertising on a stage, setting up banners, Stage sizes, Audio reinforcement, Video walls and how to advertise to cover production costs, Getting sponsor's, booking talent is what we do not do.... That's up to you and your clients.
Each week we will provide insight on what goes on before an event takes place, Everything from locations, permitting, insurance, Port-ta potties, generators, staging, managing talent, keeping a timeline, DJ gear, Stage Audio lighting and video walls.
For those who have worked in the event industry feel free to contact us to be a guest speaker, just give us a call.
Tuesday nights from 6pm to 8pm Starting December 18, 2018 Please email us at Info@LiveSoundandStage.com See you on stage soon.

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