What we're about

WELCOMING EVERYONE to this Metaphysical, Holistic, Spiritual Meetup

OFFERING VARIOUS, Progressive, Holistic, Interactive Discussions, Classes & Films

FOR the Beginner and the Advanced Seeker; to attract those who wish to transform their lives; and, to uncover skills, techniques and a new way of looking at things.

FOCUS: Recognize Ways You are Divinely Guided
Gain Wisdom, Strategies, Healing and Insight
Experience Oneness * Find the Holy in All (Awe)
To Be the Best You Can Be, No Matter the Circumstances
Learn How to Integrate Spiritual Principles into Everyday Life
Open to Self(Soul)-Discovery, Balance, Inner Truth, Joy, and Purpose

THE PURPOSE OF OUR PRESENTATIONS is to stimulate and challenge you to step beyond your current limitations and trust that you ARE part of the Divine essence; and, a co-creator in your life. There will be many references to Kabbalah, energy, healing and spirituality.

YOU WILL BE ENCOURAGED TO plumb the depths of your relationship to ALL things, to your concept of G-d/Shekinah/Source/the Creator/ Hashem/All That Is, and to your own self.

THIS WILL INCLUDE a “holistic” way of being- seeking greater wisdom about mind, body and spirit on a physical and esoteric level. Encouraging the individual to “think”, not “what to think”, the goal is to open to your own "Truths", clarity and greater understanding.

HOPEFULLY, THIS WILL ASSIST YOU ON your path to enlightenment and miraculous living, leading to self-realization and greater G-d-realization.

BY ATTENDING AND DEDICATING YOURSELF, you will learn to relieve daily stress; make better choices; handle used-to-be "challenges"; heal yourself at a soul level; and, promote balance, harmony, clarity and focus in your everyday life.

AS OUR GROUP FORMS, topics will be geared for the individuals who attend. Your feedback is welcome and respected.

** Your Level of Growth is Equal to the Level of Your Commitment **

NOTE: Some events are in collaboration with a modern, open, warm and welcoming synagogue. No particular religious background is necessary; however, only belief in the One Divine Creator, Hashem, is emphasized.

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