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Everyday Tantra is a path of life’s passions. It’s about change that matters. It’s about unfolding life in a way that brings more depth, freedom, greater love and enjoying the life you are in.


Looking for “how to’s” or the perfect answer may have seemed like a viable choice in the past, but you want transformation. Retrieving your individual choices, reclaiming your voice and trusting your own way, opens the doors to understanding how to make change sustainable.

Tantra is merging all parts of life. Here, we support empowerment, embodiment, and slowing down to create thriving relationships. You are the focus. It’s your life. Change is on your terms and our events and offerings invite you to profound awareness and understanding. They lay a foundation and help you remember who you are, your way. Rather than telling you how to be you. The classes, events, and online offerings help you gain deeper presence, simple integration of the body, mind, heart, and spirit. Self-Trust and Self-Care are also important parts of this integration. Everyday tantra is getting in touch with the authentic parts of who you are and expressing it with absolutely zero fear of being judged by them. This offers you the permission to surrender and allow the love of yourself to be shared with everyone.

Are you ready to stop the endless seeking and searching externally? Are you ready to return home to you?

Welcome to Everyday Tantra!

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