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How do you make new friends in the offline world? Do you struggle to reach out and connect with new people?

The first 60 people to RSVP can join us to discuss how to make authentic connections and network meaningfully at this fun & revolutionary workshop. It's your chance network with like-minded people as we interact with happiness and relationship coaches & experts.

Find out about - and become an early adopter of Whosup - a friendship-building AP that adds an AI assistant (IBM Watson) to be your personal friendship coach.

RSVP now before our 60 seats fill up.
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We have a big dream big for a better, healthier, and happier society. A friendship-friendly world. Are you feeling us? Join us and get connected!

What's up with Whosup?
Our world needs more connection. Really! Look at just one recent survey:
a) 56% of people don't feel attached to their social groups.
b) 54% of people say no one actually knows them.
c) 40% said they “lack companionship,”
d) 40% say their “relationships aren’t meaningful,” and
e) 40% say they feel “isolated.”
f) One-person households have tripled in the last four decades.

That's why we're launching Whosup at UC Berkeley, next door to Oakland,
the most diverse large city in the U.S., and San Francisco, one of the 10 most multicultural cities in the world. It's a garden ripe for creating authentic and fulfilling happiness.

We'll introduce you to the Whosup ap, to “Pep”, our artificial intelligence personal assistant (IBM Watson), designed to help bring people together offline. Pep will suggest ways to find activities and friends you actually like, and guide you (and them) through ways to build memories and connection to build lasting relationships with the new people you meet.

So come and check out the unveiling of Whosup and meet Pep. Find out what she's up to and how she connects, supports, entertains and enriches people for great friendships, for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

RSVP now and save your spot (First 60 people only).

Partial List of Relationship Experts and Coaches:

Frederic Luskin, PhD: Stanford University, Director of Forgiveness Projects; consultant; author; lecturer at school of medicine (teaches The Art of Happiness and Meditation)

Melissa Bayne, PhD: UC Berkeley, Dean of students , Bowles Hall ; lecturer in psychology (interpersonal relationship, conflict resolution and entrepreneurial counseling)

Brigette Iarrusso, MPA: International speaker, coach and leadership instructor at UC Berkeley