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Calling all Baja Lovers! Would you like to do more travel into Baja California, Mexico or looking for that first trip, but have no idea where to start? We are looking for like-minded people to enjoy all things Baja; from bar hopping to food tasting, concerts to festivals, soccer games to bullfights, surfing to whale watching, walking tours to backpacking trips. If it can be done in Baja, we can do it! Many of our trips will be day trips to specific events, but we will also have weekend and week-long trips further down the Baja strip.

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Carnaval Ensenada 2010

Centro Cultural Riviera del Pacífico

SAVE THE DATE! Carnaval Ensenada 2019 ========================= A Mardi Gras–type celebration 40 days before Ash Wednesday when the streets flood with floats and dancers. 80,000 people attend. The Ensenada Carnival is a centuries-old tradition among the inhabitants of the port and also among the many visitors, who meet every year in this municipality. It is characterized by comparsas, allegorical cars, dancers, harlequins and nights of endless party. Each of the 6 days of Carnival ensenadense has a special meaning, since different activities are carried out: • Thursday, February 28, 2019: day of the inauguration with the "Quema del Malhumor", where he burns a doll that represents the Collective Irrational Hatred, in addition fireworks are thrown. • Friday, March 1, 2019: it is the "Entrance of the New Court" with the winning kings: Coronation of children's Kings, Coronation of King and Queen of Carnival. The first great concert of the celebrations begins. ======== • Saturday, March 2, 2019: there is "Popular Party" and the parade of allegorical cars (the first grand carnival parade) begins, as well as the second great concert. This night is the busiest of all, missing is considered almost a sacrilege. • Sunday, March 3, 2019: there is "Fiesta Popular" and the second great carnival parade. ======== • Monday, March 4, 2019: the "Dance of the Oppressed Husband" is performed, a massive concert that you can not miss. • Tuesday, March 5, 2019: it is the day of the "Awards for the Best Comparsas". One of the funniest days, very similar to Saturday, the most beautiful evening of the whole year. Info: Regarding the "Burning of Malhumor", each year is represented with a known character designated after a survey of the Ensenadenses, usually winning a political character. The Ensenada Carnival is considered today as one of the most representative Carnivals in Mexico, along with that of Mazatlan. http://feriasdemexico.org/carnaval-ensenada-2019/

Ensenada Beer Fest 2019

Centro Cultural Riviera del Pacífico

SAVE THE DATE! ========================== Ensenada Beer Fest 2019 www.ensenadabeerfest.com ABC bus down and back (~$10 USD each way) FYI: Tentative plan: (1) One group just for the Beer Fest on Sat. (2) Another group to stay overnight. Beer Fest on Sat, and either do a second day of Beer Fest, or pool together for a private bus through Valle de Guadalupe...

La Festival de Las Conchas y Vino 2019!


Vinos y Conchas 2019! https://www.evensi.com/viaje-enogastronomico-festival-conchas-2019-31-independencia-01090-mexico-city/276097569 Please read all details. This is one of my most favorite events in Baja California. Vinos y Conchas is an annual event in Ensenada that features allows all you can eat and drink shellfish and wine from businesses in the region. Last year the ticket included a souvenir wine glass, reusable tote and endless samples from dozens of booths. You are responsible for getting your own ticket! Once I say that tickets are available you need to buy them as they will sell out fast. The itinerary will be as follows: April 28th 8:30 – Meet at the McDonalds along the trolley tracks in San Ysidro. 8:45 – Enter Tijuana by foot. 9:00 – Walk to the ABC Bus station and await departure. 9:15 – Take the ABC bus to Ensenada 11:15 – Arrive at the ABC bus station in Ensenada on Riverroll Road 11:30 – Take an Uber to the event location. Noon – Vinos y Conchas 6:30 – Take an Uber back to the ABC bus station 6:45 – 7:45 – Free time in downtown Ensenada 8:00 – Return to Tijuana 9:45 – ETA back in San Ysidro Estimated budget: Ticket – 990 Pesos (~$48.50 depending on the exchange rate) Transportation - ~$11 X 2 (ABC Bus) Shared Uber - $2 If any questions please message me or post them in the comments sections.

Expo Cerveza Artesanal 2019

San Ysidro Transit Center

SAVE THE DATE! Expo Cerveza Artesanal 2019 =============================== www.facebook.com/events/[masked] www.expocervezatijuana.com Fun social event. This will be a loosely organized event that will have some structure and many options... Real simple, around 4:30 pm we'll meet at San Ysidro Transit Center, cross, grab transportation, and head to Plaza Monumental (the Bull Ring in Playas). Then around 9 pm we'll grab transportation back at and head back to the border. For those who want to come early or leave later, take their own vehicles, and/or stay the evening at a local hotel or AirBnB, feel free to do so! That's what weekends are for :) ---------- TYPICAL BUDGET: Expo $18 Food ~$15 Drinks ~$10 Transportation ~$5-10 round trip (Taxi, UBER, mini bus, POVs, or combination) Lodging ~$25-$40 (optional) ---------- SCHEDULE Saturday 4:30 pm Meet at San Ysidro Transit Center 4:45 pm Cross border, get visas, and walk to local transportation (at Estación Federal) ~5:30 pm Enter Expo 7:30 Pow Wow/Huddle/Touch Base onsite (exact location TBD) 9:00 pm Gather and head back to border 9:30 pm Arrive at border crossing ========================= IMPORTANT: Passports are required when entering Mexico and returning to the US. In addition to the East pedestrian crossing near the San Ysidro Transit Center, a new PedWest facility is open and provides a convenient northbound crossing for those who choose to park at paid lots near the factory outlets. The northbound pedestrian bridge for PedWest is located at the intersection of calle Jose M Larroque and calle Jose Maria Larroque, next to the southbound car lanes entering Mexico. I suggest using Google maps or other mapping programs to plan your trip back. Each attendee will be responsible for when and how they get to Tijuana and return to the US. DATA/WIFI: Certain carriers provide free data in Mexico and others provide a paid roaming option. It may be helpful to confirm this feature before crossing. Also, several locations (e.g., coffee shops, restaurants) provide free WiFi. PARKING OPTIONS: There are many options for parking, but to give an idea, here are some examples: ***Border Station Parking* "across from Outlets" (near New Ped West/Outlets crossing only 24 hour option) http://borderstationparking.com ***International Parking* "behind Jack in the Box" (near Orig San Ysidro/Trolley crossing, 8 hour option) https://goo.gl/maps/5p8T3FKaaaU2 ***Trolley Station + trolley to border* (drop off at Orig San Ysidro/Trolley crossing, free parking + $5 round trip trolley pass) LIABILITY DISCLAIMER: The sole function of the organizers in this group is to arrange the suggested activities and time of the event. Each person (including guest members) who signs up "yes" for an event is responsible for his or her own safety and expenses. By signing up for an event organized by this group, you and your guest(s) are acknowledging that you are all aware of the risks, dangers and hazards associated with any event and freely accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers and hazards, and further agree to release and discharge this Meetup group & its organizers from and against any and all liability arising from you and your guest(s) participation in any of the group events. Each member of this group is responsible for ensuring that any and all guests they bring to an event have read this Liability Disclaimer and acknowledge it also.

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