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Everything Blockchain - Delhi
Everything Blockchain - Delhi
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Hello there!

We have reached 300 subscribers (well.. almost). Let's have a drink and talk crypto.

Our last meetup was quite successful I'd say. Why not do it again?

Here are some topics that we can discuss from top off my head - mining, blockchain, buying-selling, what exchanges are good in India, regulations in the country, how you got involved with bitcoin, how's Bitcoin future looking according to you and most importantly how we all can make Bitcoin go mainstream in India.

If you're a startup and need help to integrate this kickass virtual currency with your platform, this meetup is the right place to start.

If you're an investor, this is right place to meet Bitcoin enthusiasts before you invest in the currency or related products/startups.

No idea what bitcoin is? You're welcome too! One of the main reasons why I started this meetup is to educate people about virtual currencies and how the world would be a better place without paper money. Agree?

More people know about Bitcoin the better it is. Period.

You're allowed to bring your friends or friends of friends so long as they are interested in Bitcoin. Or what else will they do? Drink coffee? Fine, you can bring them too.

If you have any suggestions about the location or timings or whatever it is, please do leave a comment and we shall work things out.

Oh and before you ask, this meetup is free to join. Just order a coffee or something (this is mainly to stop CCD guys staring at us). Not a coffee fan? Free water would do the job.

Build the hype. Mark your calendars, 25th Sept - Bitcoiners are meeting up! :)

See you!