Learn to invest in cryptocurrencies


Hey guys!

Market is down! It's a blood bath. Red red everywhere. $20 billion wiped off in a few days. But hey we all know this is temporary. Bull market will eventually return. Until then, don't panic and.. HODL!

Let's take it from where we left off at the last meetup. Clearly most of you were interested in trading alts. This is what our next meetup is all about.

Whether you're a begginer or an expert in trading, you'll find answers to your questions at the meetup. The discussions will revolve around Bitcoin adoption, alts trading, blockchain, ICO, exchanges etc.

We have a much better venue booked for our next meetup - 91 Springboard, Okhla. You know what that means? No more birthday party settings! :)

Guest speaker: We will have Hesham Rehman, CEO & Co-Founder of Bitxoxo (one of India's largest Bitcoin exchanges), to tell us about his Bitcoin journey and future plans.

Build the hype. Mark your calendars, 26th August - Crypto-heads are meeting up!

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See you soon!

Find latest Bitcoin price here: http://www.bitcoinprice.com/

Ethereum price here: http://www.ethprice.com/

PS: This meetup is free to join.