Satoshi Sundays: Bitcoin and Blockchain Networking Event


Hello guys!

It's time we meet again and discuss what the fork is going on in the crypto world.

Wondering what on Earth is Satoshi Sunday?

Well, from now on we're planning to have frequent meetups on every other Sunday. They will be organized by 'Everything Blockchain' group.

Now, what is Everything Blockchain, you ask?

A couple of members in this group conceived the idea of having a one-of-a-kind decentralized community, while downing beers in Hauz Khas.

So here it is, we're proud to announce the first ever decentralized Blockchain community -- Everything Blockchain!

This will be the first 'Satoshi Sunday' event on 26th November. Registrations will be open for anyone who wants to join 'Everything Blockchain', and yes, it's free to join.

We will also tell you how the whole decentralization process will work, and what do we plan to do with Everything Blockchain in the future.

The meetup is for everyone interested in this industry, whether you're new to Bitcoin/Blockchain or have a ton of experience in trading alts. All your questions will be answered.

It will be a perfect event for you to network with like-minded people and maybe trade some coins if you're lucky.

Show some love, you guys and do show up. I will see you on 26th November at 4 PM.

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