U Turn Foundation Presents HEMP 2020 (X-Event)


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I'm very excited to announce our very first X-Event. These events are supported and managed by Octaloop and may not be directly linked to Blockchain. Expect more of these events in the future. Needless to say, our Blockchain events will keep on going as usual. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to write to me directly.

Uttarakhand was the first Indian state to legalise industrial hemp in India which is now being followed by other states. This has opened a plethora of opportunities for Hemp farmers, Hemp businesses, and everyone in between. We're extremely excited about this upcoming event as it explores a completely new Hemp Industry in India.

Today, the Hemp industry offers multiple avenues; from hemp farming to the production of quality hemp CBD products for retail, and medicinal market sales. Hemp 2020 will also allow you to become a part of the hemp network group of UTF (U-Turn Foundation).

U Turn Foundation is an NGO based out of Dehradun, Uttarakhand. It has been working since 2008 for the socio-economic benefit of the Uttarakhand state. Hemp 2020 is an initiative by UTF to create a platform for the exploration of commercial hemp opportunities in organic Uttarakhand.

The main objectives:
1. Marketing to assist the crop buyers so Uttarakhand’s farmers have a guaranteed point of sale for their crops.
2. To become an interface between Uttarakhand’s farmers and production companies for the best mutually agreed price.
3. Implementation of projects for setting up of warehouses and processing facilities in and around Uttarakhand for large scale production of hemp seeds and processed iHemp fibers.
4. To develop seed varieties designed to meet the requirements of the Uttarakhand farmers keeping in consideration the Himalayan eco-sphere.
5. To become an accelerator in the hemp export market for Uttarakhand’s natural and organic hemp fiber.

The entire Hemp industry market cap is projected to cross $27 billion by 2025. Even before legalisation of Hemp, UTF has been spreading awareness on the commercial benefits of the super crop to the farmers of Uttarakhand apart from assisting them in documentation work for the procurement of licenses. To carry forward past efforts of UTF, it created ‘HEMP 2020’ platform to accelerate the growth of the hemp industry in Uttarakhand for making the Himalayan state a key global organic hemp player.

Getting started on the right foot in the industrial hemp industry would require the right knowledge from experienced hemp experts and companies.

Are you an investor who wants to get involved in the hemp industry in Uttarakhand?
Do you want to start a hemp farm?
Are you a hemp startup seeking growth in the expanding industry.
Are you a hemp expert looking to associate with innovative hemp projects?
Are you a landowner/farmer looking for technical support for maximum yield?
Are you an existing company looking for diversification using the super crop hemp?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, then this event is for you! UTF can be your A TO Z Stop shop from licensing to crop selling.

Key Speakers:
Mr. Hemant Nav Kumar
( Founder - UTF)
Topic: Uttarakhand, leading Indian hemp industry

Mr. Robert Rae
(Director - Canada Hemp Foods Ltd.)
Topic: Hemp Food Industry

Mr. Paul Bobbe
(Director- Midlake Speciality Food Products)
Topic: Cultivation Tech

Mr. Abhishek Bourai
(Secretary- UTF)
Topic: Implementation of blockchain in the hemp industry & AgroTech

Mrs. Abigail Thomas
Trade Commissioner- Canada High Commission
Topic: Canada-India Hemp Opportunities

PS: There are only 25 slots available out of 75 for the event. Pay here to book your slot: https://rzp.io/l/DgBBnTX or Paytm:[masked]

For all the other information visit http://utfuk.com/