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Are you intuitive? Let us refine that "gut feeling" so that you will always be able to confirm the answers.

Ongoing classes will give you an over view, explain and help you to develop your various Sensitivities and give practice time with the instructor and others engaging in their awakening, developing and understanding of their abilities. First class will go in to the Awareness of the Universe and information which will help your understanding of these Gifts.

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PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL HEALING SESSIONS. Chakra clearing/energizing and Energy Healing sessions on an appointment basis. available time sessions, afternoon, early evenings and weekends. Rockville locations. Call for appointment times,[masked] Rev LizAnn

Karmic Clearing Group Session, Friday, Oct 28, 2016, 7 - 9 PM, Rockville

Thank You for your desire to live your best life. Thank you for actively working to raise your vibrations and consciousness, not only to HEAL YOURSELF, but to HEAL OTHERS and to help HEAL our beautiful Tara Nova, Mother Earth. ********************************************************* Ever wonder why sometimes the same situation/mistakes keep appearing in your life, with the same (or other) people? Feel like you are on a giant hamster wheel or merry-go-round? Never getting what you want out of your life? You have unresolved karmic debt. Did you know it is possible to clear that Karmic Debt so that you and your relationships can move forward in a positive way for your highest good? Each Karmic Clearing session covers between 8 to 10 persons of your Soul Circle, some of whom you have accrued the MOST KARMIC DEBT in this lifetime, as well as from ALL past lives with this soul. The average close soul circle or family consists of about 60 people. It is possible to clear karmic contracts with up to 48 of those closest to you in just several sessions. At that point you will see changes for the better in your life. YOU DO NOT have to commit to 4 sessions, however that is what was channeled to Rev LizAnn as a minimum to experience life and relationship changes for the better. Many of our participants experienced such dramatic changes for the better that they participated in far more than just 4 sessions. They do not have to be consecutive sessions. Several have cleared over[masked] people in their lives and many situational clearings and have had major changes for the better in many areas of their lives. There is an exact order for these clearings. Once you clear Karma between you and your major Soul circle, you may move onto the situational Karmic Clearing, such as allergies, diseases, sleep disorders, weight problems, etc... The person with whom you wish to clear karma might be living or not. They might be a parent, a co-worker or a childhood best friend. Many times the person you are clearing Karma with is someone you have no conflict with currently in this lifetime. People who get along wonderfully have Karmic Debt between them and clearing this is as important as is clearing Karmic Debt with those whom you do not favor. Rev. LizAnn was channeled a very specific prayer request (from The Lords of Karma, who are the Akashic Record Keepers and are Archangels), as well as a very specific order in which to proceed through your Soul Circle for the most effective Karmic Debt Clearing to help your life run more smoothly in all areas. WHAT TAKES PLACE: Rev. LizAnn, Session Facilitator, Channel and Medium, Energy Healer and Theta Healing Practitioner, connects to the Karmic Lords (Archangels of the Akashic records) who access the Akashic records of our session participants. The Akashic Angels let it be known if the Karma that is with that person in your Soul Circle you chose to clear, can be cleared, or if it is not possible at that time, it needs to be addressed at a future session. This confirmation comes through the communication by the Angels in the physical body of the participant requesting the clearing. If that person is unable to feel the communication from the Karmic Angels, Rev. LizAnn often receives identical sensations in her body to be able to assist the person clearing with an interpretation of the communication from the Karmic Lords. PART OF THE PURPOSE OF THESE SESSIONS IS TO TEACH PEOPLE TO SENSE COMMUNICATION FROM THEIR GUIDES AND ANGELS. Please bring a pad of paper and a pen. Prepare a list of 12 people you wish to clear in the order s stated here, starting with legal name of parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts/uncles, spouses, children, early in your life authority figures (teachers, religious people), early life bullies, bosses, co-workers, neighbors, past lovers; after several sessions you may move on to situations such as disease, vows of poverty or lack of abundance from past lives, inability to shed weight, habits, addictions and more addressed after clearing your Soul Circle individuals. Drink at least 4 glasses of spring water or more during the day prior to the session (through out the day). From Rev. LizAnn, your facilitator: "I am looking forward to meeting each of you and working with everyone to help you clear Karmic Debt that affects your life. Many will notice differences in their lives after a session within the first week. You may see your life run more smoothly, relationships improve or change, and transformations start to take place. At the beginning of the session I will discuss what I have experienced in the hundreds of sessions that I have facilitated. I have seen some spectacular changes for the better. We will go over in detail what to expect and how we do this, and I will answer any questions. Although these sessions are in a group, please know that no one else has to be aware of who you are working to clear. The Karmic Lords have channeled to me exact procedures for effective Karmic Clearing. (I AM a Medium/Channel and I regularly channel many from the Divine realms.) You may join in at any session as you do not have to do consecutive sessions to clear your Soul Circle. Each person starts at their own level and continues at their own pace, in their own timing. Please note that some people have more Karmic issues with people in their lives than do others. Therefore, when you complete the 4th session, where you will have cleared Karmic Debt between you and many people in your life, you may certainly opt for more sessions at your choosing. By the 4th session, however, life changes in health, relationships and more have been evidenced without exception, for people who have worked on Karmic Clearing at these sessions. Spiritual Clearing and raising your vibrations is work. You cannot expect to achieve everything at the snap of your fingers. I myself have been working at Spiritual Enlightenment all my life. Many individuals have been participating in Karmic Clearing ongoing for many months and all have altered their life for the better. These are POWERFUL sessions of clearing and healing, extremely effective in removing blocks in your life for you and the person you are asking to clear Karmic Debt with. YOU are doing the work on and for yourself. Rev. LizAnn bears no responsibility for shifts which may occur as a result of Karmic Clearing, she is a facilitator of the communication with you and the Angels in the metaphysical realm. You may be assured that each Karmic Clearing requested by the individual participant through the Akashic Archangels is a request for that participant’s HIGHEST GOOD. It is YOUR Higher Soul Self and the Arch Angels that determine the Karmic Debt Clearing from your Akashic Record with the Soul Circle person you are clearing. Your Higher Self (and certainly the Divine Beings) will never steer you wrong. ********************************************************** *Fees: $25 per session, if you sign up for 4 sessions, the fee will be $80.00 pre-paid. We often have an interesting discussion before or after Karmic Clearing. Please arrive on time so that once the session begins, we may proceed uninterrupted. Open communication is continually encouraged through-out the session. And… I AM a firm believer in that there are no “silly” or “stupid” questions! Thank You for attending, Thank You for your desire to live your best life. Thank you for actively working to raise your vibrations and consciousness, not only for yourself, but to heal others and to help heal our beautiful Tara Nova, Mother Earth. ******************************************************** Please note that metaphysical work is not to be considered a substitute for healthcare, counseling, emergency services or any other form of assistance for any physical matters with which you are concerned. However, many who have participated in our Karmic Clearing sessions have seen HUGE breakthroughs when other methods of resolution have been ineffective.

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