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I love the Tudors, War of the Roses, historical fiction, and biographies, film and tv as well. If you are a fanatic, gobble up everything you can get on The White Queen, Anne Boleyn, Henry VI, Henry VIII, beheadings, Elizabeth I, Mary, Queen of Scots-- then, lets get together and read, watch, and talk about it!

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Four Princes by John Julius Norwich

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Renowned historian John Julius Norwich has crafted a bold tapestry of Europe and the Middle East in the early sixteenth century, when a quartet of legendary rulers―all born within a ten-year period―towered over the era.

Francis I of France was the personification of the Renaissance, and a highly influential patron of the arts and education. Henry VIII, who was not expected to inherit the throne but embraced the role with gusto, broke with the Roman Catholic Church and appointed himself head of the Church of England. Charles V, the most powerful and industrious man at the time, was unanimously elected Holy Roman Emperor. Suleiman the Magnificent―who stood apart as a Muslim―brought the Ottoman Empire to its apogee of political, military, and economic power.

Against the vibrant background of the Renaissance, these four men collectively shaped the culture, religion, and politics of their respective domains. With remarkable erudition, John Julius Norwich delves into this entertaining and layered history, indelibly depicting four dynamic characters, and how their incredible achievements―and obsessions with one another―changed European history.

Arbella, England's Lost Queen by Sarah Gristwood

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An extraordinary life lost in history: the compelling biography of Arbella Stuart spans both Tudor and Stuart courts and encompasses espionage, a clandestine marriage, imprisonment and eventual death in the Tower of London.
Arbella Stuart was the niece of Mary Queen of Scots and first cousin to James VI of Scotland. Acknowledged as her heir by Elizabeth 1, Arbella's right to the English throne was equaled only by James. Raised under close supervision by her grandmother, but still surrounded by plots -- she became an important pawn in the struggle for succession, particularly during the long, tense period when Elizabeth lay dying. The accession of her cousin James thrust her into the colourful world of his extravagant and licentious court, and briefly gave her the independence she craved at the heart of Jacobean society.

This is a powerful and vivid portrait of a woman forced to carve a precarious path through turbulent years. But more remarkably, the turmoil of Arbella's life never prevented her from claiming the right to love freely, to speak her wrongs loudly, and to control her own destiny.


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The mission of Tudorcon is to build friendships with other Tudor friends (we’re often islands of Tudor nerds surrounded by people who perpetually roll their eyes at us when we go on about the importance of male heirs, amiright?) while learning from some of the leading authors, bloggers, and podcasters.

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